Are You Going to Take Pictures?

“Sure, why not?” I said. “It’s not *my* personal tragedy,” I thought, “so why not?”

As I was pulling up to work today, I saw the circus was in town and I hoped it wasn’t my job that just burned down. As I got closer I could tell there was a wreck, and there was an ambulance rolling out of our parking lot. I was waved through the party by the police and went and parked at work as usual, then went back to the scene. On my way, FOG asked me from the front door the question which is the title of this post.

So here we have Player 1 photo Player1_zps06b4a5f3.jpg

and Player 2
 photo Player2_zps52feacea.jpg

These guys were pretty well done, just waiting to go home by this time photo PrettyMuchDone_zps7b8b516e.jpg

click through to this one, it’s worth it. Hit the “download” link and you’ll see this about 4 feet wide when you view it at 100%.
 photo 10-15-2013-overview_zps9088a46b.jpg

Here’s the scene from our mailbox
 photo Scene_zps402b82da.jpg

The truck driver -who caused the wreck- went off in the ambulance complaining of back/neck pain. The green car driver was walking around taking pictures. The old guy with hands on hips was standing around looking, because the fire truck was blocking his driveway.

Most interesting picture of the day, sent already to the local Fire Department: photo HiBuddy_zps488a819f.jpg

Then, after seeing another wreck on the way out of town, then a car in another place being pulled onto a flatbed wrecker, I saw this: Disabled vehicle numbers SIX on the day, slightly elevated from the usual zero.
 photo yousuck_zps39ed5ae9.jpg


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