Two Weeks On

My finger is still stitched together and will be a few more days yet.  It’s *almost* closed along the full length of the cut.  I have been figuring, and I think it is possible I sliced “only” skin and fat.  The angles involved and the way my finger was bent at the time make it possible I didn’t get all the way to the tendons, or at least not all the way *through* the tendons.  I was worried about the pulley nearby, but now I think I may have missed it as well as the cruciform ligament.  If that’s the case, then this cut was THE best-possible angle and location for a huge slice to the finger and I’ll say thanks Jesus for that.  I can move my finger in all the right directions and even (gently) touch-type again.  However, the poor dear was in a straight jacket for weeks, and he’s all stiff and sore.  It feels like there is a lump in the way, of flexion at the PIP joint approximately the same place my finger is a big lump, swollen and full of stitches.

I’ll give me one more week to allow the cut to finish closing, then if I have stitches out and it’s still this stiff I’m going to head to a finger doctor.  My recent research has told me that, if everything moves the right directions, It is probable that I will make a full or nearly-full recovery, possibly with months of physical therapy and going very easy on my finger for a while.  We’ll see.

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