I Told You So . . . Healthcare.gov Leaks Identity Info Like A Sieve

If you signed up on healthcare.gov, go here immediately and sign up for identity theft protection.  Even if you did not manage to go all the way through the sign-up process!  This is so important, you have no idea.  Your life has a non-zero chance of being seriously ruined if you fail to do this.  It is worth the minimal expense, I guarantee you.


“Now”, as the saying goes, “I’m not one to say ‘I told you so’ but I told you so”.

Unexpectedly, a man signed up on healthcare.gov and then found out he could access someone else’s personal information just by logging in.  That is to say, there is exactly NO data security on the website that is supposed to have 100% of all Americans’ data including names, social security numbers, mothers’ maiden names, addresses, tax data, health data, and everything else that makes it super-easy to steal an identity.

To put it bluntly, it is worth losing your money and taking a fine, instead of signing up through this website.  I would say it is worth losing money buying a non-optimal insurance plan by avoiding the website and calling your insurer directly except that a) your insurance is going to be more expensive no matter what and b) the website IS the system.  If you get insurance or medical care in the coming years, you will have to go through the website eventually, because everything in health care in America is supposed to go through this computer system.   I think this sucks us all in, except for those who have *never* had insurance and never truthfully fill out medical records (which is a crime in itself) – and pay cash.

So it appears you have two practical choices now.  Either you can go without insurance and hope not to get sick, or you can roll the dice on having your financial life ruined and then you have NO hope of recovering your identity if the website is still up.  Thieves will have E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G about you, and it could be as easy as logging in under a close-enough name.

Gee, if only someone could have realized the website would open with huge, gaping security holes before they risked the personal information of everyone who wanted to be a law-abiding citizen and sign up online.  Oh wait, I did. You know who else knew it would be insecure?  Half the pundit class and 100% of everyone that was part of the website or anywhere near the top of the Department of Health and Human Services.

This is criminal negligence.  People in the federal government should be going to jail for this.  And that’s in addition to the Deceptive Advertising Practices being conducted by your President and the gang.



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