Opinions are Like Honda Civics:

…everybody has one.

I just read an article by a man who knows more about economics than about politics, which alleged Mittens Romeney was an extreme right-winger, which is why he lost the Presidential election

Hold on there.

Romney was and is a moderate, and a squishy besides.  His brand of “you like that I like that too” politics leaves a bad taste in the mouth of Conservatives who (being Conservative) understand the good must be Conserved and we don’t need to be Progressiving our way down the rabbit hole.  But Romney is right-wing-ish, especially compared with anybody in the democrat party leadership.  He could have won.  I could have voted for him, even . . .

but the man believes very strongly in, and gives millions of his own dollars to, a made-up cookoobird religion involving space aliens and magic underpants.  Sorry, that’s just a bit too far for the few of us who understand that one thing we need to Conserve about America is our Christian heritage.  Voting for Romney is *blasphemy* and enough millions of us still care about that sort of thing that he lost and will continue to lose outside the Northeastern part of the country.

Go ‘head, nominate another mormon.  Nominate a Catholic.  Nominate an infidel of any sort, and see how far it gets you.


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