Help a Brother Out?

You are away playing in the sandbox with the other nephews of your Uncle, and your wife is back home being hospitable.  She has a single mom living in your house with her, and takes in a guy who was down on his luck as well.

Time finally comes for you to head back to The World, the single mom moves out but the guy stays, and parties in your basement at night.  Your wife kicks him out.  You make it home alive.  One night the guy shows up and demands to see your wife.

You shut the door on him.  He busts in.  He has a hoodie on, and he goes for his waistband.  You shoot him once and he rocks backward.  He comes on again and you shoot him again.  He falls out your front door and dies, and the Police show up 5 minutes later.  Your wife called them in the 3 seconds you were busy preventing yourself from being shot, by shooting the guy first.

Now you’re on trial for murder, because this has happened in Maryland, which has a Duty to Retreat law.  You took out a loan ($25k) to get yourself out on bail, and you’re looking at another $25k in lawyer fees.

Don’t you think it would be nice if a few hundred random strangers pitched in to pay your bills?  I sure do.  Go here and donate.  Christians, pray.  This guy needs all the help he can get against a State that thinks he should have tried to go cower in fear while the three other people in his house were exposed to the fury of a madman.

Hat tip: Sipsey Street Irregulars


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