Stop It; I’m Signing Out.

This is bad customer service.

When I go somewhere, I go with a purpose.  When I am done, I leave.  This includes activities on the Internet.  I check my inventory, I log out.  I check my messages, I log out.  I check my e-mail, I log out.

Tonight I noticed that one of my e-mail programs requires a leap of faith to logout.  I’m looking at you, google.  I know you desperately want to track my every preference, to better serve your paying customers.  I want the next person who sits down at the computer to not see my Inbox.  I can see requiring a user to mouseover a non-intuitive icon to show them a link to log out.  But to log off gmail tonight, I had trouble.  Nothing showed logout, anywhere. The tiny icons at the top of the screen are, of course different than other companies use.  Hovering the cursor over the correct meaningless picture didn’t show a logout item to select.  I had to click an image with no text and no during-mouseover log out indication, as a pure guess.  It THEN popped up a menu where I could sign off.

Boo.  Boo, I say.  If I wanted to stay signed-in, I would.  I don’t.  Stop moving and/or hiding the log out.  You suck if you hide the log out.

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