Microsoft Saved My Bacon . . . Again

I have written before about Windows Startup Repair fixing my computers automagically, but it didn’t work this time.

I am trying to get an old trackball to work properly with new Windows and it was not acting right.  I tried to install a driver manually and picked the exactly-wrong one by chance.  Blue screen.  Reboot, black screen, auto-reboot.  Select Safe Mode to avoid loading that driver and . . . black screen in Safe Mode also, auto-reboot.


Startup repair found nothing.  I went to run a System Restore and it had NO restore points!*  Finally I was able to get back into Windows using the F8 run Last Known Good configuration option.  If this had not worked, I hate to think what would have happened.  And it’s built in to Windows for more than the last decade.  Thanks God and thanks Microsoft.

*I know, I was shocked, too.  So first thing first, I set a restore point and then figured out the hard way that the automatic backup I had intended to implement never got done.  Also my hard drive is almost full, but I never got any warnings because I have no page file.  Oh well.  Hard drives are cheap and it looks like a perfect time for a newer one!

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