A Dollar Short and A Lifetime Late

Grownass people don’t do the same things children do. Some things are safe to have around adults that are risky to have around children. Things like coat hooks.

 photo MutePenance_zpsd3ac0037.jpg

This incident kept my children homeschooled for a couple of years, until I realized it was a legitimate accident.  A while back, I happened to be at the same school where it happened, and I visited this bathroom.  This bathroom.  I bet every time somebody on staff goes in there and sees what is left on the wall, they remember what was left on the wall that day, and I bet it bugs the sh!t out of them, which it should.

It is always a little surreal to be in a place where you know someone was killed, recently, and you can see how it happened.


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Anyone with children will tell you, they can disappear for ten seconds at a time pretty easily.  I hate to say it, this is something that could have happened at a home school.

Boys are boys.  They do dumb stuff.  One dumb boy thing is to try to touch the ceiling.  No matter that it is well out of reach.  If it looks even remotely possible to touch a ceiling or a doorjamb or an overhanging tree branch, there is a good chance a male homo sapiens is going to try to jump to touch it.  Don’t ask why, that’s just how we are.  So the boys at this school had a game called “run and jump” where they would run on the bench in this bathroom and try to jump up and touch the ceiling.  It’s a bathroom/shower area.  There were hooks on the walls for towels.  The opposite wall in this room is a shower stall.  You leave from the urinals and this bench is just waiting for you to “run and jump” on it.  You can do it.  Maybe this time you can do it.  Come on . . .

Tevin Park-Flowers went on a bathroom break -by himself- to this bathroom.  He wanted to grab the brass ring.  He didn’t jump out onto the floor.  If you jump down to the floor you have to climb back up again, maybe even get hurt because it’s a long way down from jumping high up off the bench.  Tevin probably jumped along the wall.  I would.  He went up, went down, snagged his shirt on a hook, and hung there.  Stuck.  I didn’t measure, but those hooks are high enough he may not have had the leg length to stand and clear himself if his legs were straight down.  His photos don’t make him seem especially tall.  The news reports said his pants were down by his ankles.  They didn’t say his underwear was down.  He was seven, maybe he hadn’t finished pulling his pants up yet.  Seriously.  My sons would walk around with their cocks hanging out if we didn’t holler at them to get dressed at that age.  With his pants down, it is possible his shoes were slipping (pushing through his loose pants) on the bench if he tried to stand.  If he were tall enough to stand and clear himself from the hook but came down at an angle, his pants would very likely have prevented his feet from getting under him and gaining traction.

If you are hanging with all your weight from your shirt collar, it will probably make a “blood choke”.  An air choke blocks your airway, a blood choke blocks your carotid arteries.  In martial arts, there is a particular hold you want to avoid being caught in, called a ‘rear naked choke’ (knucklepit.com).  If an opponent gets a RNC set on you with even close to proper technique, you have five, maybe ten seconds maximum, before you are unconscious.  There is no escape.  There is no time to escape.  The blood is cut off to your brain, and you pass out pretty much immediately.  It is usually painless, and it is quite possible you will fade to black before you realize you were even in a choke hold

Those who love him, please understand Tevin did not suffer.  He was having fun, slipped, had maybe enough time to realize something was wrong, maybe a brief thought of “what the heck is going on here?” and then it was lights out.  He wouldn’t have had TIME to panic.  He may have been confused, but he probably didn’t feel what was happening, it was that fast.


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