So. Much. Pictures!

Did anybody ever tell you they’d give you $100 if you ate iced cream?  A gallon of it, after you just had a full meal?  I’ve just finished the first cull of the pictures from last weekend’s fight night.  It’s only down to 1700+ pictures, from the 2600+ I started with.

First cull?

If you start with 3,000 pictures from an event and want to publish 50, you need to delete a few between point A and point $.  This is done in stages.

  • Shoot the pictures.  If there is down-time on-site, carefully delete only the obvious stinkers you can see are bad on the camera’s LCD
  • Backup the files
  • First cull: delete any too-blurred pictures or any that show women in an unflattering pose.
  • Second cull: delete duplicates that are not as good as the better of the set, begin marking the better pictures.
  • Third cull: You know which ones are good, and you probably won’t delete them.  Be vicious now.  Delete all but the very best images because you’re almost to
  • Selection: Pick about 2% of the total images shot, for publication.

All this takes . . . a while.  This is the reason I can’t get you your wedding album within a week.  I’ll be deleting pictures for three days, at least!

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