Pain In The Rear

. . . of my computer, that is. The Ethernet port on the Superhomeputer up and died over the weekend, or somehow otherwise went stupid. Since then I found out the hard way that 64-bit Windows 7 is *much* more selective than previous Windows versions about the drivers it will let you install. Along the way I also found two USB WiFi dongles I had laying around don’t have the right sort of drivers, that new-and-compatible USB WiFi adapters can be had for $7 shipped on eBay, that my computer ONLY has PCI Express expansion slots, and that the PCI Ethernet cards I had laying around are therefore useless in this box.*

So I had to spend TWO nights troubleshooting but eventually I ended up with the right jumper settings and PCIe Network cards, and I was happy to see Windows automagically install the proper software and connect to my network. Thank you Jesus.


*I was going for run-on sentence of the day. Nailed it!


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