Rumblings from The Med

Italy is trembling a bit.  The people are fed up with it all.  What All is, varies from person to person and group to group.  There were some hopeful signs that the Five Star movement could get some peaceful reforms going, but that hasn’t really panned out after the elections, yet.  They have like 1/3 of the country unemployed and everybody is used to the government ‘helping’ them.

Well the government is broke and the economy sucks.  And the people are rioting in the streets.

No, literally.  And the Police are said to have removed their helmets during recent protests in solidarity with the people.   You know where this leads?  No, you don’t, and nobody else does, either.  It is hoped that the citizens organize behind Five Star or some other anti-Euro party and get the hell out of the union.  They could also carry on in economic misery worse than the Great Depression for a decade or two.  They could also degenerate into general protest to the tune of Somalia and be literally without a government for a few decades, and descend into Mad Max style anarchy.  Come to think of it, Italy as a united nation is a relatively recent innovation.

City-states would quite possibly be much better for the Average Italian than the EU.



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