The Very Best Of Roberta Flack

Feel free to get me this album.  I listened to it on YouTube earlier today while cleaning the house* and it’s good stuff.  Funny thing about a CD is, you can take them where the internet can’t reach, in whatever format floats your boat . . . so I wouldn’t punch you in the nose if you handed me one of these.

*yes, sometimes, I do womens’ work – and make the boys do it as well.  In this case, they wymyn were out of the house and a clean kitchen and living room plus a couple of loads of laundry done were a surprise waiting to greet my Darling Wife when she got home.  And, in case you didn’t know, shaking your booty to music while cleaning is an excellent way to increase your willingness to keep cleaning . . . because cleaning the house rather sucks as a thing to do on a fine day, but dancing doesn’t.


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