Now Where Did I Put That Tiny Violin?

I won’t dignify the source article with a link, but I just half-read a pretty stupid thing and came here to complain.  Japan executes condemned prisoners by hanging.  Ok fine.  Almost all Japanese support capital punishment.  Ok fine.  The stupid thing is the author of this article goes on and on about how psychologically traumatizing it is, that the condemned are given only a few hours of advance notice before they face the trap door.  The poor, poor, pitiful poor murderers are made to wait for years not knowing when they will face their just desserts.  It can lead to Mental Illness you know, and then those bad-ol’ executioners just carry on and kill the mentally ill death-row loser anyhow.

Excuse me for noticing, but I don’t think most of the people sitting on Japan’s death row will have given the people they MURDERED more than a few hours’ notice, either.  [deleted] you if you think the mental health of a person who deserves a killing is worth consideration while they suck down tax dollars keeping them alive another day.  People mostly* only end up on Death Row because they deserve it.  What happens to them after that, you’ll just have to excuse me for not having too great a concern about what it does to their mental health.

It’s’ PRISON, not a rehab clinic.  When you leave, you are to be DEAD, not a better person.  The world will be better, yes, but you – no.


*In related news, if you really need somewhere to spend your money, the reason I said “mostly” is because the Innocence Project is still a worthy cause.


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