After-Action Report: Shooting Class January 2014

No need to try to get a lot of media attention, it’s done already.  Today I had the pleasure of giving yet another gun safety class and then there were a couple of live firing sessions.  Fun was had by all and as usual no-one was shot. Two of my students were first-time-inna-longtime types (man and wife) and the third was a new shooter as well as a gurl (their 18 year-old daughter). The class was actually the daughter’s idea, which makes me less-unhappy about the future of America. She said she wanted to shoot, and I got a call. It was short notice, as in “hey, David, what are you doing today?” but my family was just sitting around wondering the same thing, so I was off as soon as lunch was et.

The classroom:
 photo instructionalmateriel_zpseb821676.jpg

Their dining room table was rather more crowded than usual. The green paper rolls are my posters to help me instruct on the Four Rules, range safety, gun handling, and aiming theory.  Manuals of arms and physics round it out to about a two hour class, then it was off to the back yard.

The daughter was ‘scared’ of guns and I could tell she was not ready to go to the range and make some real noise just yet, so we brought some pellet guns, a box, and a red marker.  On one side of the box I drew cartoon monster faces with big target eyes.  We shot them up, and the daughter put the next set of targets on the other side:

 photo targot_zps6adbe1cd.jpg

The sun was setting, and we were about pellet gun’d out, so after a few rounds of subsonic .22LR, we knocked it off and called a supper break.  Supper was just down the street from a decent local indoor gun range, to which we retired after eating.

The dad and mom were good to go, and they were mostly doing their own thing in one lane as I was looking at their daughter’s body in another lane.  Rawr!  No seriously, I have a vague idea that she was hitting where she was aiming, but this girl shares the bad habit of her generation: slouching.  Posture is important in shooting comfort, accuracy, and for larger guns very important for controlling the recoil of a weapon.  I kept having to move her shoulders and hips into position, or else she’d go tits-down-belly-out at the drop of a hat.  This is not proper shooting posture, and I was happy to see her correcting her own posture by the time we were done.   She still claims ‘guns are scary’ but I believe her even less now than I did earlier in the day.  You can’t drill the center out of a target with a large-capacity .22 rifle and not have at least a little fun.

So chalk up three more people at least not totally ignorant and unsafe when it comes to guns, thanks to your humble host, VFD.


Then I got home and caught flak from DW for being gone all day, leaving her with the Zoo “and you knew I was tired”.  Oh well.  Maybe next time you’ll remember it takes all afternoon, every time I have a class?  Forgiveness being easier than permission to obtain, I’m pretty sure she’ll be over it by Monday, or maybe Wednesday at the latest!


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