More Like This, Please

No, I don’t want more dead policemen.  I want more court proceedings to end up with shooters cleared of charges for killing home invaders when the invaders were police executing a no-knock raid on the house.  I want more policemen to realize they could be dead because they executed STUPID PLANS and the people who kill them will not necessarily end up in prison.

There is a general rule in America: Kill Cops and Go To Jail.  This is not an absolute rule.  One of my pet exceptions has long been: Knock on my door and wait for me to answer, and I will not shoot you dead.  And vice versa.  Break into a house in the USA by crashing through the door unannounced, and we’ll cap your ass no matter who your buddies say you are after you’re dead.  Stated another way:

No. More. No. Knocks

The people in a house in the middle of the night are very nearly certain to leave sometime in the next couple of days.  Have a team of heavies roll up and pile out of a van, rifles up, when they come out the front door to go to the grocery store.  Fine.  Make a dynamic arrest.  But unless there is a very, very strong reason to believe somebody is being killed in the next couple of minutes, there is basically no reason to come crashing through the doors/windows of a house in the middle of the night.  And when you do, and the sequence is not “POLICE SEARCH WARRANT! (BAM goes the door)” what you are doing is called a Home Invasion.

It is a reasonable fear of every homeowner, because it has happened before, that thugs dressed like modern police (all in black, with hoods, no markings anywhere) will break your house and rob you.  The reasonable thing for a red-blooded American to do is to kill them first, on their way in.  This guy did just that.  But at his house it was the Police executing a no-knock raid.  When the Only Ones put him up on charges, a citizen grand jury no-billed him.  It’s not murder when you shoot someone who comes crashing in your door with a gun pointed at you, without telling you they are the Police, says the citizenry.


Knock, guys.  Or hang out and wait down the block until they come out in the morning.

Or get killed dead trying to carry out an unnecessary no-knock raid, and the guy who was growing two pot plants in his house gets cleared of your murder charge because you shouldn’t have done what you did that got you killed.


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