Self-Clearing Dust-Free Drill Driver Bit Blower Sawdust Drilling Blowing Attachment … DIY … Prior Art

If you have ever been drilling and blowing at the same time, this is for you.  For $0 you can make an attachment for almost any drill driver that will keep the work area clear so you can concentrate on work.

It works like magic.

By attaching this to your drill, you can have the drill blow the dust/swarf away from your work area, keeping the hole and surrounding surface clearly visible.  It’s like having an assistant standing there blowing the dust out of the way for you, but without having to pay anyone anything.

My trusty dusty old Makita drill driver, fitted with its new high fashion accessory:

The reason this works: the drill’s motor has three slots around the sides.  The top one is for air intake, and the larger two are exhaust.

The exhaust ports blow a lot of air, and they blow RIGHT in your face if you put your head close to the drill.  This is a minor nuisance when drilling in a clean area.  When the air is full of sawdust, it blows dust in your eyes.  Ask how I know.  This redirects the exhaust jet in a more useful direction: toward the hole being drilled.

This is made from the bottom of a random (in this case, windshield washer fluid, gallon size) plastic bottle.  I cut a slit from the bottom half of the bottle as wide as the exhaust port on the drill motor, and left the part where the side curved down to the bottom of the bottle.  I taped the ‘inside’ of the curve so that it would be sealed and so that it would have a small-enough radius that it would be a duct instead of a port cover.  Using a 250ml water bottle would probably have given about the right diameter to begin with.  None of the dimensions are critical, but you should probably make the ‘duct’ cross-section larger than the vent on your motor or it will theoretically shorten the life of the tool by restricting the cooling air.

Here it is set up for blowing a countersink clear as the bevel is being created.  This is such a beautiful thing it is hard to express unless you have already had the experience of dust interfering with your view of the hole being drilled.

The other zero-cost alternatives are to either NOT wear a dust mask and blow the hole clear while you work, or wear a mask like you should do and keep stopping the drill, wiping or sweeping away the dust, and then restarting the drill.  If you have a shop-vac you can keep the vacuum nozzle near the hole, but that is loud as heck (and works great) and I don’t need the noise.

After I drilled my countersinks, I realized I needed to move this shroud back a bit so it would let me drill pilot holes.  That also worked great.

I was drill/blow/drill/blow/drill/blowing with my countersinking drill bit and then I tried blowing steadily as I drilled.  Then I turned the driver and the motor exhaust blew up in my eye AGAIN.  Then I had an Aha! Moment.  So I made this.

If this isn’t patented, now it’s public domain.  Feel free to send me $1 or more, if this helped you.

Cooler Than Advertised!

One of my bosses (CO1) just got some more cool points.  I knew he was into radio controlled cars and racing.  That much was obvious from the start.  It was kinda neat that Ron Atomic came to work with us for a while. CO1 has previously made an indoor clay track for racing little cars around with his friends (and since closed it).  I knew he was working on an outdoor track recently as well.

What I did NOT know is the track he was working on is the biggest one in the country, designed by the world’s best RC car track designer, and just a few miles away.  And that, after less than a year of operation, it’s been awarded the 2014 Fuel Off Road Nationals.  Thornhill Racing Circuit – check it out on Facebook and watch some off the videos on Youtube.  This looks like some pretty big-time fun, people.

Between my boss at Thornhill and multi-gozillionaire B. Ecclestone at COA, Central Texas is really shaping up to be a veritable mecca of racing! 😀

Note to self:

When you take two days off work to build a Big Boy Bed because one of the boys is getting too big for his crib, be sure to roll out of your own bed and into the workshop before 11:00.  It’s not a long weekend, it’s a work day at the house.

Or else you’ll be taking more evening hours from family time with said big boy, et. al. in subsequent days.

Also: be prepared for minor design revisions if you made your own plans instead of following a design somebody else already built.  Or major design revisions.  And keep notes in case you ever need to do this again, or perhaps somebody wants to pay for the design.

Duck and Cover

Remember, children, your desks can be used to deflect the force of a nuclear explosion in case we get the Bomb dropped on us by the Russkies!

This is not a repeat from the 1950s.

It looks like the cold war got a little too cold, or the politicians in America got a little too incompetent, or both, or something . . . but here we are with NATO talking about the whole alliance freezing assets of Russian interests over Russian territorial aggression.  West vs. East and competitive claims of illegitimate national/regional governments.  Chess players are asking what happens if Russia decides to cut off Europe from their sweet, sweet oil and gas supply*.

The President of Ukraine acted against the perceived interests of the Western half of Ukraine, and there were protests.  He left the country and the Parliament kicked him out of office.  He claimed this kicking-out was not legal, and that he is still President.  He is friendly to the soviets Russians so the Russians recognize him as President.  The Crimean peninsula has held an election with an entirely-believable result that 97% of the Crimeans want to break off to be their own country. Complete with some districts receiving more votes than there are people in the district.  Seems legit, right?  Except that the allegedly-illegal new government in Western Ukraine says the independence referendum is illegal.  The newly-possibly-illegally-created Crimean state changed their currency and time zone to match Russia’s and applied to be annexed into Russia.  Russia has recognized the new Crimean state and NATO et. al. refuse to recognize the new Crimea.

Hold on there.

Why is this any more our business than the messes in Egypt or Libya?

It’s not, exactly, but we said it is.  Ukraine used to be a nuclear-armed nation, and they gave up their nukes in exchange for protection from the West, and the USA said specifically we’d have their back if thing ever got ugly.  I guess they didn’t learn too much from Vietnam, who we said we’d also get their back but when it got ugly in South Vietnam we left our “allies” to dangle in the breeze.  So now it’s got ugly in Ukraine and we are . . .  (wait for it) . . . making frowny faces and writing sternly-worded letters to Russia.  Very stern letters indeed!  And our friends, they shall also make frowny faces!  And if the Russians persist in pretending the illegal government of the country with the other illegal government is legal, we shall be forced to Do Something!!

If you are reassured by President Obama when he says he is certain there is a diplomatic solution to the current crisis in Ukraine, remember one very, very important maxim:

War is the pointy end of diplomacy.  Certainly there is a diplomatic solution.  It may involve the termination of human life on Earth, but it is part of diplomacy – if you will allow that diplomacy is not all soft and fluffy.

*Within two years we could have pipelines shipping oil and natural gas from the Americas to Europe under the North Atlantic.  Do not hold your breath waiting for this common-sense solution to be implemented.


Practically F…… Magic!

Anyone who ever got sore thumbs and killed half an hour getting their AR magazines loaded up will appreciate the following:

If you don’t understand why this is an amazing, amazing device, you have not lived a full live to date. Anyone who ever had to get ready for a day at the office that involved an hour of doing what this thing does in a few minutes will (almost) weep tears of joy and wish they had a mil-spec model made of metal, available beginning several years ago. Three-gun and serious shooting hobbyists will also see the value.

There is a niche market for this device. They will love it and I expect these will be hard to keep in stock for a while. The ammunition boxes look suspiciously purpose-built but I don’t even care.

Every Day No Days Off Gun Blog also mentions this unit that will work faster and easier, with less user intervention, but good luck getting this thing in a backpack.

March 4, 2014 Texas Statewide Election Night Results

…following up on my Primary Election Voter Guide

Something like four percent of my fellow Texans just voted in their party primary elections.  As this is Texas in 2014, the results of these primaries essentially decide who will be the next officeholder.  4% decided who would be our next United States Senator and Governor.  Shame on the rest of you, and feel free to shut up if my elected heroes start doing things you disagree with.  You should have voted today.

Here are the State’s picks based on incomplete returns on election night.  It looks like there will be a runoff election soon, and a few of the campaigns have been nasty – I suspect it will be really nasty for the next couple of months.

US Senator  – You people picked Cornyn again.  You picked wrong, but a supermajority of you did it, so I guess it’s a mandate, a reward for a slick ad campaign, or a sign of inattention.

Governor – Greg Abbott – I guess this really was an easy one.  You voted with me, congratulations.

Lt. Governor  – Dan Patrick – my man ran away with it, but I think there is a runoff coming.  Here’s hoping Dewhurst gets his pee-pee stomped on just like when he ran against Ted Cruz for U.S. Senator.

Attorney General – I called for Ken Paxton for 2nd place but he took first.  This looks like another runoff.

Comptroller of Public Accounts  – I called for Glenn Hegar with Harvey Hilderbran a distant second, and that’s exactly what we got.  Also we may have got another runoff election.

Commissioner of the General Land Office – Another George Bush from Texas.  Well, at least these are a conservative-leaning dynasty.

Commissioner of Agriculture – I missed this one by a lot.  Oh well.
Railroad Commissioner – and this one

Chief Justice, Supreme Court – Nathan Hecht – Good!
Place 6, Justice, Supreme court, Unexpired Term – Jeff Brown – in a landslide.  Good!
Place 8, Justice, Supreme Court – Phil Johnson – Good again!

Place 3, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals – Bert Richardson – enough to avoid a runoff, but I hate that Walther even got a third.
Place 4, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals – Kevin Patrick yeary – I guess you all agreed he would be a good choice, regardless of whether Wood was running.  Still, a good result.
Place 9, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals – David Newell by a squeaker, but both were good candidates.  This runoff election ballot is going to be longer than usual  

Republican Primary Ballot Propositions – all passed with nearly all the votes, surprising nobody.

As Promised, My Cut Finger as an Animated GIF

I put a cracking long segment of text at the top of this post so you wouldn’t be grossed out by what is now off-screen waiting for you to scroll down.  I cut my finger a while back and said I’d take pictures of it for you.  This is the pictures post, and they are gross.  You have been warned.


You thought I had forgotten, didn’t you? Well, to celebrate Mardi Gras in style, I’m partying in Adobe Imageready making an animated cut-to-healed .gif file wheeee!

The first frame shows the extent of the cut on the surface, post-treatment. The cut went almost all the way from the web between index and middle fingers, across (up) to the PIP (middle knuckle), and turned back down slightly out of frame. The crazy reds are from making this into a .gif file. Even with the color turned stupid to save on file size, it’s still a five megabyte file so try to be patient while it loads.

The second frame is one of the two longest in the series, so you can “EWWW GROSS!” for a moment. The blood is all seepage from the wound, and that’s just what didn’t soak into the gauze wrapped all around the finger. It leaked for a few days all along the length of the cut. No, I did not DIY these stitches.  Yes, those are professionally-placed sutures.  It was a clean cut but some of the skin was pretty thin due to the angle of incision, so it could only have been sewn up neatly by a plastic surgeon and maybe not even by one of them.  This was done at the local emergency room.  They cost my insurance company over $3000 because ‘murika. I paid something like $250 which I thought was an excellent price for the half-hour I spent in the ER. The extra decimal they paid I find totally outrageous and if the bill had come to me I wouldn’t have paid that amount – or at least, I wouldn’t have paid it in under a decade. At the counter, they said it would be $250 to me. I asked how much it would be without insurance and they said it would be $400 or maybe a bit more. I thought that sounded fair, so I left without demanding an itemized list of charges and disputing it right then and there.

Apparently, you should *never* leave without disputing the ridiculous charges they will try to send your insurance agency, especially from the emergency room (because you’ll pay extra in an emergency).

Aaaaanyway. The next few frames it looks like the color of the picture goes wacky and dark, but my hand was bruised and it really was these colors. The doctor had SCRUBBED my open finger once the anesthetic kicked in and evidently scrubbing the inside of a finger leads to extensive bruising. Who knew?  So for a week I looked like my hand was dying, which did not make me feel better about the potential for keeping my finger.

By day 12 the edges of the cut sin were starting to die off. As it was constantly moist from antibiotic ointment, the dead skin was puffy and white-ish. Gross. Over the next few days I started to get some scabs under the white dead skin, which I took as a sign of progress. The skin started to grow over the stitches, so I dug them out with a pointy thingy. By day 16 I was being irritated by the loose ends where the sutures were tied, so I cut them off short.

By day 18 it was looking pretty well closed up and the stitches were getting loose by the PIP end of the cut, so I cut them loose. This was an odd sensation, and it probably stung more than it had to because I soaked each section of thread in a drop of alcohol before pulling a loop through. Once again (don’t ask) I realized pulling thread through your skin is a bizarre sensation. As I was removing the sutures I realized the cut wasn’t as closed as it had seemed, so I left the last four in place.

Day 22 I cut the next couple of stitches out and realized it was STILL not closed down by the MCP. You can kind-of tell that the cut opened up again a little, near the web by the middle finger. I started wearing knuckle bandages to hold just the one part closed while letting the rest of the skin breathe under a regular band-aid, which is why the next few days the finger looks compressed around the “middle/bottom” of the cut.

On day 27 I pulled out the last stitch and the skin was still not totally closed. It didn’t bleed, but there was some sock-puppet-mouth action when there was no bandage on the bottom of the finger.

About this time, the skin on the whole finger was getting pretty dry from being constantly under a bandage and not allowed to exfoliate, especially near the fingertip. Over the next few days it started shedding like a molting snake. On day 37 all the skin on the full length of the cut shed and fell off after a shower.  I was surprised how thick the scab was.  This was when I was able to tell the approximate size of the scar I would end up with.

By day 41 it was pretty well healed, so the last couple of frames show the extent of the cut again, and then the scar I was left with. This will slowly fade over time.  At this point if I rubbed the finger, it felt like there was a little rope inside my skin.  This has thinned out to what now feels like just a thick piece of skin just where the scar is.

After over a month being wrapped up on a firm foam pad to keep the finger still, the finger was very, very stiff. I counted it a minor victory when I was able to eventually

  • touch the index finger tip to the tip of the thumb
  • touch to the middle of the thumb
  • touch to the base of the thumb
  • touch to the pad over the MCP on the palm side of the joint

And now, four months later, I can almost touch the tip of the finger to the pad on the MCP on the finger side of the joint (the first segment of the finger itself), and I can reliably touch to the palm side of the MCP with only a bit of soreness in the PIP (middle knuckle). I have very nearly full range of motion and I am continuing to see slow improvement as well as continuing to do some very uncomfortable stretching exercises.

 photo DSC_1923.gif

March 4, 2014 Texas Republican Primary Election Voter Guide

I’ve put in around a dozen or more hours on this guide, as usual.  What I haven’t done is polish the presentation.  The following are my notes so far, pretty much in the same form as I wrote them for myself.  Copy-and-paste the links if you want to follow them.  My picks for this election are in green text


US Senator
Dwayne Stovall – This guy, and this guy by a mile.  Read this – if he means what is on that page, he’s my guy.  Not a lawyer, a working man.  Not a politician, not a party guy, but he knows what’s what.
Linda Vega – campaigning against Obama and the NSA, apparently.  No.  How about saying what you intend to do?  If I founded a “Whites Ready to Vote” organization you would call me a racist and rightly so.  She founded “Latinos Ready to Vote” so what does that mean about her.  Strike two.  Two strikes was enough to get me to stop looking in such a crowded race.
John Cornyn – no.  He’s a republican and a moderate conservative one at that, but he’s also a squishy wobbly.  If there are better alternatives (and there are) he needs to go.  Don’t let his high-dollar “I’m just like you, vote for me” ad campaign fool you.
Reid Reasor – watch this he looks good.  His introduction of himself is almost enough to recommend him by itself. He sounds like an Oath Keeper which means a lot to me.  Then I read his Big Ideas and he sounds like some sort of quasi-socialist (or else he is a terrible communicator).  Plus he talks about pre-emptive strikes (=war) on Iran.  He’s not the worst possible candidate for *national* office, but that is not saying much.
Steve Stockman – I’m not quite sure what his game is but it apparently is NOT hard-core campaigning.  P.S. if you want to impress people with your endorsements for the office you seek, you might not want to lie about the endorsements you got in previous races applying to the current effort.    He had to REMOVE his endorsements page, it was so bad!  Next.
Curt Cleaver – running for a Good Guy contest?  I like that he’s out there pushing the gospel of Christ, but he’s doing it in an election where 5% of the electorate will vote and maybe 3% is paying attention.  Double-plus sad points for begging for 10 likes on his facebook a few times and not even getting that many.
Chris Mapp – No.  Tell things the way you see them, that’s fine.  But when you use the word “wetback” in public and you are not a Mexican talking to your friends in front of only friends, you lose about 99.999% of the rest of us.  Wetback is like Nigger.  You can’t say these words, because they are pretty much universally offensive except to the people they deride, who sometimes feel entitled to use them privately amongst themselves.  This single lack of tact and discretion alone was enough to scratch him from consideration for all future public office.  Yes, I know, regular readers may be clearing their throats and giving me meaningful looks just now – I’m not running for office, this other gringo is.
Ken Cope – naive, not accepting campaign funds for the purity of it all.  Sorry charlie, no funds no wins.  Plus, promising not to serve “more than two term limits” on your campaign website is hardly the way to

District 17 US Representative
Bill Flores – every vote shows support for the R party.  Don’t skip checking his box.

Greg Abbott – this guy.   I find it difficult to fault anything I’ve seen from him recently aside from an emphasis on college training vs. going into detail about trades training as well.  Maybe he likes state-standard tests for schoolchildren too much.  That’s about all.  Another plus in his column: the people that don’t like him, don’t like him for the reasons I do like him.  There is lots of criticism of Abbott out there, but most of it is for doing things that I would like to see done, so he wins even in the enemies column.
Miriam Martinez – Anyone gets a pass at marriage going bad once.  Two divorces is a trend.  This is *almost* a disqualifier by itself.  Also almost a disqualifier is allowing your main campaign website picture to be of you in a shirt that lets your feminine undergarments show through for all the world to see.  She wants illegals to become citizens (Fritsch talks about guest workers instead of citizens).  And her campaign website “issues” section lists all of three: amnesty for illegals, guns for the people, and more words than the whole rest of the website combined are dedicated to legalizing medical marijuana.  Maybe in the next go-round she will have had time to generate some position papers.  This election we can excuse her from being a little light on website material because she’s only been a U.S. Citizen for three years!  It is hardly a surprise that she also has a slight racist/sexist tone to her questionnaire answers (be better to the brown people, affirmative action for women type stuff)
Lisa Fritsch – coming into this process (of researching my candidates) I had a large bias in favor of Mrs. Fritsch.  I’ve heard her stick her political neck waaaay out there on the radio and make big, bold statements.  No pale pastels here, people.  No, that’s not a pun about her being a dark brown woman, either.  From what she’s said that I’ve heard on the air in lively, spontaneous debate, she’s about 93% my kind of conservative and that’s rare in somebody willing to run for this high an office anymore.  Unfortunately, that other 7% wants the government to be giving a ‘hand up’ and get involved in private enterprise.  Plus she talks about putting more diverse folks in high places, where Abbott talks about putting the best qualified people in high places.  She’s second, and it’s close for me, but still she’s second.
SECEDE Kilgore – not surprisingly, based on his name on the ballot, he is running on a secessionist agenda.  also not surprisingly, he will get few votes in this primary.  We are not a State ready to become a Nation again, and I am fairly certain we won’t be setting off down that trail by voting in a regularly scheduled election.

Lt. Governor  – Here is an hour-long ‘debate’ with all four of them, if you have the time
Dan Patrick – I keep seeing him described as a ‘solid conservative’ which I like, and (possibly formerly) a hothead which I also like in my Solid Conservative leadership.  He is talking the talk of a partisan who insists his party should hold all the power.  Well, have I not been wishing for this?  Is it scary to see a Lt. Governor candidate who says he won’t put half of his appointments to Democrats?  Will it turn the State against the Republicans like the partisan Obama has turned the nation against Democrats?  We may yet see.  The only campaign issue against him seems to be that he, personally, intentionally, willfully hired illegal immigrants to work as dishwashers in his restaurants.  Except that they presented false papers to somebody else, and Patrick didn’t hire them himself.  Staples is running ads intentionally casting Patrick in the worst light possible as if all his opponents are taken at face value and Patrick is assumed to be acting contrary to law.  This is not quite a pants-on-fire moment for Staples, but it is disingenuous at best.  That, my friends, is no way to START as our Lt. Gov.  I don’t like how he Patrick walks away from the question of paying debts cleared in bankruptcy.  He has a funny-looking body and head, but you can’t really hold that against a guy.
Jerry Patterson – I have yet to hear anything bad about him as our current Commissioner of the General Land Office, which I helped vote him into in 2010.  Let’s have him keep that job, but he’s a decent 2nd choice for Lt. Gov. in my opinion.  Not only is he less-bad than the other two, I like him better than the other two.  I like that he is a Marine also.
David Dewhurst – this Battleswarm blog from the last big election still says why you should vote against Dewhurst in this PRIMARY unless you wish those pesky Conservative Movement types would just go away again .  In the general election I would probably still vote for him over some leftist democrat cook but he’s third choice in the primary.  Plus he has a touch of the crazy eyes.
Todd Staples – for Agriculture Commissioner maybe, but for Lt. Governor, not so much.  Let me fisk his 10-point “contract” real quick here
*Secure the Texas border – this is not a State issue.  This is a Federal issue and the feds aren’t interested.  Strike one for bringing up something that’s not your job.
*Cut taxes, grow jobs, limit size & scope of government – Cutting taxes is kinda the Lt. Gov’s job, but as for growing jobs, all he really could do is get out of the way.  Limiting the size & scope of government is also only in part his responsibility.  This one’s a Ball.
*Get state spending under control, lower debt, increase transparency – buzzwords all, but Texas doesn’t have so much of a spending problem compared to other Satates.  If he were running for US Senate this would be great.  Maybe he won’t have to re-write his “contract” when he runs for U.S. Senator?  Ball two
*Strengthen 2nd Amendment rights, defend our State’s rights – 2nd Amendment is a federal thing.  Strengthen GUN rights?  How about just saying “GUNS?”  Too scary for you?  States’s rights – buzzwords again, with no meaning.
*Defend the sanctity of life, improve women’s health, uphold traditional family values – come on Stapey, say the words!  “I don’t like Abortion.  I don’t like the gays marriage.”  Focus group terms may play well to some people but not to me.  Strike two for lacking courage even at this late stage in the campaign.
*Demand student-focused, parent-driven, transparent and quality education system – Okay, I demand student-focused also.  We got it to work by homeschooling until we found a student-focused school with a quality educational system.  Parent-driven is a bit of a problem when the parents don’t give a damn, and I’m not sure what Transparent means but I’m sure focus groups love it.
*Improve healthcare, reject obamacare, demand welfare reform – The Lt. Governor is going to improve health care?  Is he a doctor?  Reject obamacare, demand welfare reform, I do these also, and I’m not running for Liutenant Governor.  Ball three for not saying anything
*Defend private property owners’ rights – sure, you can do that from the Lt. Gov. chair, by not crushing people out of their land.  I expect this from my politicians.
*Uphold and Expand tort reforms – uphold is sort-of your job.  Expand is not.  Strike three.
*Apply conservative leadership on transportation & water priorities – Leadership, oh wow.  As Agriculture Commissioner this is bang-on what you should be doing now!
*ooh, and he signed the “contract”, how novel!
If he runs for Senate come ask me again and I’ll think about it some more.  For now, in this Lt. Governorship primary, Staples goes down.

Attorney General
Barry Smitherman – this guy by a mile.  Just listen to him in this interview and ask yourself if you don’t want a fighter-sounding cat like him at the bar for Texas
Ken Paxton – I never heard of him but the people who have swear up down and sideways that he’s a “movement conservative” like Cruz is supposed to be.  And BOY HOWDY is he trying as hard as he can to get you to think he’s Ted Cruz 2.0.  But he was also swindled out of $100,000 in a scam just a few years ago (bad judgement, anyone?) and doesn’t think it would be his job to fight to keep Common Core and CSCOPE out of Texas schools! but as a legislator it was his job Smitherman says he’d fight this fight before the fight hits him in the face, which I like.   Plus, shady dealings?  and his face doesn’t look right.  Call him 2nd place.
Dan Branch – I don’t want someone who is described as having a pragmatic approach to governance.  I want my politicians as hardcore conservative and all the time as I can get.  Plus he advertises that he belongs to the “Church of Christ” which is a borderline cult.

Comptroller of Public Accounts – I can’t take any exception to the writeup here so I won’t try.
Glenn Hegar – this guy
Harvey Hilderbran – a distant second
Raul Torres – It’s nice that you’re an accountant, but better luck next time.
Debra Medina – I can’t get past looking at the woman, and not in a good way.  You want to be in charge of the finances of the State, but you are yourself a lardass without enough discipline to do what is right for your very own body?  Sorry, yer disqualified right there.  Oh, plus this campaign is pretty plainly an attempt to get elected wherever you think you might be able to, vs. a run for the actual office for which you are on the ballot.

Commissioner of the General Land OfficeI’m not sure there is a good candidate here.  And by here, I mean not just this primary, but this race.  It seems likely this one well be a toss-up for me, between voting Libertarian so they’ll be more than a blip on the radar during the next election cycle, and voting for the (R) candidate to prevent the (D) from getting the office if it looks close in the polls come November.  I’ll abstain from voting in this primary race.
David Watts – some odd kind of racist?   Okay so the kids of illegals aren’t here legally.  Not educating them is both illegal and a bad idea.  Prosecute their parents and send them all packing, or educate the children already.
George P. Bush – oh jupiter, not another George Bush from Texas, please!  He’s in up to his neck with a racist group hispanic republican group which is enough to disqualify most people for me in most races.
The Democrat John Cook supports benefits for the gays.  I’m against that and him.
Libertarian Steven Childs appears to not be campaigning, as usual for a losertarian.
Green Ulises Cabrera seems to be campaigning slightly less than Childs.  Besides, a Green Party candidate starts out from a position of being a watermelon looney-toon, which is going to prevent them being elected in the forseeable future.

Commissioner of Agriculture
Eric Opiela – This race is a choice between several good candidates, and I think I would like a runoff . . . but in the primary the slightly-better man for the job seems to be Opiela.  They all may know their stuff but Opiela’s bench seems a little deeper than his opponents’.
J. Allen Carnes – played to both sides, supporting dems and repubs in the past.  Not a great idea if you intend to be on the Republican ticket, mate.
Tommy Merritt
Joe Cotten – not running very hard, which means he deserves to lose very hard.
Sid Miller

Railroad Commissioner (to run Energy stuff, not Railroad stuff, can we get this agency name changed already?)
Becky Berger – a geologist.  Now yer talkin.  Plus her Ten Energy Policy Issues Stances are good stuff.
Ryan Sitton – has a company he will refuse to leave if elected to run the agency that is in charge of what his company does.  Conflict of interest means I’m not interested..
Wayne Christian – Made the Texas Worst Legislators list – twice – for being a jerk when he doesnt have to be.  No.
Malachi Boyuls – again, I don’t want investors running this show

The judge races with incumbent justices are pretty easy for me.  This article has a nice summary of how I feel about them:

One of the biggest challenges that faces our elected Supreme Court is when turnover slows down the docket to the point that people have to wait years for a decision. Voters should grant incumbency a heavy weight not only because of the experience that justices accrue, but also because the disruption to the court has consequences down the line.

Chief Justice, Supreme Court
Nathan Hecht – This guy.  What they said:
Robert Talton – such a dynamic campaigner!  check out this page from his website from last month!  It looks like he’s been planning this for a long, long time – in fruit fly time.  In human time, why even bother to campaign for only two months?

Place 6, Justice, Supreme court, Unexpired Term
Jeff Brown -This guy.
Joe Pool – has some ‘splainin’ to do and

Place 7, Justice, Supreme Court
Jeff Boyd  – every vote shows support for the R party.  Don’t skip checking his box.

Place 8, Justice, Supreme Court
Phil Johnson – This guy.  What they said
Sharon McCally – maybe if she were running for an open seat.  But to replace an incumbent?  Not this year.

Place 3, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals
Bert Richardson – him.  He wants judgin’ to keep pace with newfangled technology thingies.
Barbara Walther – specifically not her.  Okay, a splinter from the mormon church may be full of kooks – but when the supreme court of Texas said you abused your discretion taking 400 of their children away, that should be a career-ending decision for you.

Place 4, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals
Jani Jo Wood – this gal.  We could really, really use on this court someone who has been working for the defense team the whole time.  Yeary is a prosecutor, Wood’s a defender.  Her.
Kevin Patrick yeary – would be a good choice if Wood were not running
Richard Dean Davis – if you don’t want to campaign, you don’t get the office, sorry.

Place 9, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals
David Newell – this guy.  We could use someone on the CCA who said that when he worked on appeals in the past he *started* from a place where he assumed the defendant had been done wrong in previous trials.  It is also a plus for me that he has been paying close attention to what the CCA has been doing recently so he will have a shorter transition period when getting to know his case load.
W.C. “Bud” Kirkendall – I’d vote for him, if he weren’t running against his current opponent.

Chief Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District
Jeff Rose – every vote shows support for the R party.  Don’t skip checking his box.

County Judge
Mike McNamara – every vote shows support for the R party.  Don’t skip checking his box.

Precinct No.2 Justice of the Peace
Glenn Bass – every vote shows support for the R party.  Don’t skip checking his box.

County Chairman
James Dickey – every vote shows support for the R party.  Don’t skip checking his box.

Republican Primary Ballot Propositions

Religious Freedom: Texans should be free to express their religious beliefs, including prayer, in public places
Vote YES on this

Second Amendment: Texans should support Second Amendment liberties by expanding locations where concealed handgun license-holders may legally carry
Vote YES on this too

Franchise tax: Texas should abolish the state franchise tax, also known as the margins tax, to encourage business growth
Vote YES on this, too.  This seems like rather a no-brainer.

Welfare Reform: Texas recipients of taxpayer-funded public assistance should be subject to random drug testing as a condition of receiving benefits
Hoo boy, now we’re onto a controversy!  Vote yes on this, and then when the vote comes to disenfranchise them, vote yes on that also.  Also when the vote comes to actually CHECK to see if they needed the benefits.  Oh, don’t get me started!

No Lawmaker Exceptions: All elected officials and their staff should be subject to the same laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances as their constituents
Vote YES on this, for all the good it will do.

Obamacare: The Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” should be repealed.
Duh?  Yes.