March 4, 2014 Texas Statewide Election Night Results

…following up on my Primary Election Voter Guide

Something like four percent of my fellow Texans just voted in their party primary elections.  As this is Texas in 2014, the results of these primaries essentially decide who will be the next officeholder.  4% decided who would be our next United States Senator and Governor.  Shame on the rest of you, and feel free to shut up if my elected heroes start doing things you disagree with.  You should have voted today.

Here are the State’s picks based on incomplete returns on election night.  It looks like there will be a runoff election soon, and a few of the campaigns have been nasty – I suspect it will be really nasty for the next couple of months.

US Senator  – You people picked Cornyn again.  You picked wrong, but a supermajority of you did it, so I guess it’s a mandate, a reward for a slick ad campaign, or a sign of inattention.

Governor – Greg Abbott – I guess this really was an easy one.  You voted with me, congratulations.

Lt. Governor  – Dan Patrick – my man ran away with it, but I think there is a runoff coming.  Here’s hoping Dewhurst gets his pee-pee stomped on just like when he ran against Ted Cruz for U.S. Senator.

Attorney General – I called for Ken Paxton for 2nd place but he took first.  This looks like another runoff.

Comptroller of Public Accounts  – I called for Glenn Hegar with Harvey Hilderbran a distant second, and that’s exactly what we got.  Also we may have got another runoff election.

Commissioner of the General Land Office – Another George Bush from Texas.  Well, at least these are a conservative-leaning dynasty.

Commissioner of Agriculture – I missed this one by a lot.  Oh well.
Railroad Commissioner – and this one

Chief Justice, Supreme Court – Nathan Hecht – Good!
Place 6, Justice, Supreme court, Unexpired Term – Jeff Brown – in a landslide.  Good!
Place 8, Justice, Supreme Court – Phil Johnson – Good again!

Place 3, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals – Bert Richardson – enough to avoid a runoff, but I hate that Walther even got a third.
Place 4, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals – Kevin Patrick yeary – I guess you all agreed he would be a good choice, regardless of whether Wood was running.  Still, a good result.
Place 9, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals – David Newell by a squeaker, but both were good candidates.  This runoff election ballot is going to be longer than usual  

Republican Primary Ballot Propositions – all passed with nearly all the votes, surprising nobody.

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