Cooler Than Advertised!

One of my bosses (CO1) just got some more cool points.  I knew he was into radio controlled cars and racing.  That much was obvious from the start.  It was kinda neat that Ron Atomic came to work with us for a while. CO1 has previously made an indoor clay track for racing little cars around with his friends (and since closed it).  I knew he was working on an outdoor track recently as well.

What I did NOT know is the track he was working on is the biggest one in the country, designed by the world’s best RC car track designer, and just a few miles away.  And that, after less than a year of operation, it’s been awarded the 2014 Fuel Off Road Nationals.  Thornhill Racing Circuit – check it out on Facebook and watch some off the videos on Youtube.  This looks like some pretty big-time fun, people.

Between my boss at Thornhill and multi-gozillionaire B. Ecclestone at COA, Central Texas is really shaping up to be a veritable mecca of racing! 😀


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