Self-Clearing Dust-Free Drill Driver Bit Blower Sawdust Drilling Blowing Attachment … DIY … Prior Art

If you have ever been drilling and blowing at the same time, this is for you.  For $0 you can make an attachment for almost any drill driver that will keep the work area clear so you can concentrate on work.

It works like magic.

By attaching this to your drill, you can have the drill blow the dust/swarf away from your work area, keeping the hole and surrounding surface clearly visible.  It’s like having an assistant standing there blowing the dust out of the way for you, but without having to pay anyone anything.

My trusty dusty old Makita drill driver, fitted with its new high fashion accessory:

The reason this works: the drill’s motor has three slots around the sides.  The top one is for air intake, and the larger two are exhaust.

The exhaust ports blow a lot of air, and they blow RIGHT in your face if you put your head close to the drill.  This is a minor nuisance when drilling in a clean area.  When the air is full of sawdust, it blows dust in your eyes.  Ask how I know.  This redirects the exhaust jet in a more useful direction: toward the hole being drilled.

This is made from the bottom of a random (in this case, windshield washer fluid, gallon size) plastic bottle.  I cut a slit from the bottom half of the bottle as wide as the exhaust port on the drill motor, and left the part where the side curved down to the bottom of the bottle.  I taped the ‘inside’ of the curve so that it would be sealed and so that it would have a small-enough radius that it would be a duct instead of a port cover.  Using a 250ml water bottle would probably have given about the right diameter to begin with.  None of the dimensions are critical, but you should probably make the ‘duct’ cross-section larger than the vent on your motor or it will theoretically shorten the life of the tool by restricting the cooling air.

Here it is set up for blowing a countersink clear as the bevel is being created.  This is such a beautiful thing it is hard to express unless you have already had the experience of dust interfering with your view of the hole being drilled.

The other zero-cost alternatives are to either NOT wear a dust mask and blow the hole clear while you work, or wear a mask like you should do and keep stopping the drill, wiping or sweeping away the dust, and then restarting the drill.  If you have a shop-vac you can keep the vacuum nozzle near the hole, but that is loud as heck (and works great) and I don’t need the noise.

After I drilled my countersinks, I realized I needed to move this shroud back a bit so it would let me drill pilot holes.  That also worked great.

I was drill/blow/drill/blow/drill/blowing with my countersinking drill bit and then I tried blowing steadily as I drilled.  Then I turned the driver and the motor exhaust blew up in my eye AGAIN.  Then I had an Aha! Moment.  So I made this.

If this isn’t patented, now it’s public domain.  Feel free to send me $1 or more, if this helped you.


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