[deleted] The Ocean!

I am a big fan of dry land. It’s solid, steady, and generally not going to open up and swallow you whole. Unlike the ocean.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her. She is the source of our food and water, and we need her. But you can have her.

If your office on shore catches fire, you leave. If your office on the sea catches fire, you’re [deleted]. If you pass out and fall down on land, you may hit your poor widdle head. If you pass out and fall overboard, you’re [deleted]. Say hi to Davy Jones for me if you slip and fall over the balcony. Sure, you can swim. I can swim. If you’re trained in Drownproofing, we can swim miles together to shore.  If.  Unless the water is too cold, then you’re dead anyway.

VFD, you were in the NAVY for crying out loud!

Yeah, sure.  I used to do lots of things.  While I *have* spent time on the water, I no longer *wish to* spend time on the water.  A cruise can see you and a thousand of your closest friends puking into the pool.  If you’re *really* unlucky your ferry will drown you on a high school trip.  But the worst is fire.  If you never had to fight a fire bigger than yourself in a closed space, trust me you don’t want to.  If you never had to do it at sea, that’s because the Fates smiled on you.

We were watching Deadliest Catch just now, and there came an alert that a little boy* had put out a distress beacon.  The US Coast Guard turned out and they put the aircraft-filmed video on the TV.  Fire.  Or, as they trained us to say, “Fire, fire, fire.”  I HATE fire at sea.  The sea is a harsh mistress, and fire is a jealous ex in the same room with her.  Nothing good happens, only bad, when fire shows up out of its proper place inside the engines.  [deleted] that [deleted] for real.  I’ll be over here – where it’s dry.


*little boy: a boat too small to cross an ocean without a resupply/refueling somewhere between points A and B

History Is What Happens Around You

The Enlightened Warriors project has been staging amateur MMA fights in Central Texas, making history as they go.  Recently they were the first to use Ring Boys during their fights.  This Friday, they were the first to have an all-female panel of fight judges.*

Enlightened Warriors project makes history . . . again
History looks like . . . regular people?

I’ve been around a few history-making ‘firsts’ in my time and there is a common thread through all of them so far: the people involved were . . . just folks.  These three ladies didn’t make a big fuss.  Nael Chavez announced them, but only once.  And if you talk to them, they don’t have big heads, they’re just regular people.  Making history one day at a time.

You’re a regular people, too, aren’t you?  Can you make a difference for good in the world?

Will you?


*Okay, to be precise – Combative Sports Ringside Officials, licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Man, These are Good Stuff

Woman, not so much, but man, you should at least have a peek at these sites: Shrink for Men and A Voice for Men

A declaration that modern feminism is actually full of sexual assault, in public, against MEN.

A warning about a particular crazy lady who pretends to be sane and writes articles full of crazy.

Advice for men who are victims of Cluster B Personality Disordered women and going through the divorce process.

Good News From Around The World

Ace of Spades informs us that the real estate bubble in China is collapsing.  This was the only thing supporting the Chinese economy, and China’s been holding up a lot of the rest of us.  So that should end well.

In Ukraine, separatists are happily taking up the Russian flag when they seize Ukranian state buildings and military equipment.  This is not helping the rest of the world to tell the difference between an oncoming civil war and a Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Oh, plus possibly World War Three starts over this little flapdoodle.

But not to worry!  At least you can rest assured that your own USAmerican tax dollars are being well-spent.  For example, you are paying for a $400,000 statue.  Of a Camel.  In Pakistan.  Enjoy:

picture from Mish’s blog


There Was A Time

At one point, it served vital US national security interests to be in the business of sending things into outer space.  It was part of our strategy of showing those dirty commie basterds we could nuke them from orbit if we had to.  They tried showing us they could as well, and they bankrupted themselves*

Then there followed a few decades of certain kinds of people wondering why we were spending a gozillion dollars to send private cargo into space.  Sure, sure, we needed to send our spy satellites up too, but WHY were we in the space BUSINESS anymore?  Then the answer came; we’re not.  NASA was converted to be more of a muslim outreach organization and we stopped sending up orbiters as old as the astronauts flying in them.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth about how there was no existing space program anymore and oh what’ll we ever do now that Government isn’t sending stuff into space?  The quiet guys in the corner said we’d see private industry take up the space shipping business.  As it turns out, that has happened.

Fast forward, and we’re in the proper position of having private companies haul stuff into space for NASA to enable continued scientific research on the International Space Station.  This.  This is how we should do it.  At a cost of significantly fewer gozillions of tax dollars, I might add!

*That’s the Cliff’s Notes version.  Take it up with Cliff if you don’t like it!

Don’t Tread On Me

When the feds come steal a man’s cattle by the hundreds for allegedly not paying a fee the man may or may not owe, to ranch on land his family has used since before the agency asserting the fee is owed came into existence, it causes hurt feelings*.  If a Democrat US Senator is tangled up in a commercial development scheme on the same land and the rancher is the only one standing between the Senator and his profits, and the Republican local government is saying the federal agency is going too far, it doesn’t look good.  This was enough to shake a few citizens awake, and a few hundred armed citizens showed up in support of the rancher.  It looked like there was either going to be a slaughter on one or both sides, or a big bunch of arrests and a big(ger) black eye for the feds, including Senator Reid.

That’s the spirit behind this flag right here:or else

It seems for the moment that the feds have got the message, and the Bundy ranch is going to be left alone under some negotiated agreement.  Until further developments, I’m going to say “Good.”  I’ll also point out that, without the people’s exercise of their right to keep and bear arms, this rancher would have been forced off his land, his cattle stolen by his government, and the family of a powerful politician would have been enriched in a deal that would have never been reported in the national press.  A few decades later there would have been a judgement from a court selected by the feds and the guy would be Officially denied his land, and you still wouldn’t know.  With an armed populace willing to stick up for itself . . . the feds have been dragged into the light as crooked and (for now) appear to be backing down from their corrupt actions.

Hat tip: Instapundit


*yes, the sentence is longer than it has to be.  Flex your brain and read it again.  Trust me, it makes sense.

It’s Not Sexism When WE Do It!

The Democrats have been stirring the media up to talk about Equal Pay for Wymyn! and Minorities!  The AMERICA is bad because (insert statistic from decades ago).  Then something funny happened and I just realized it’s typical of them.

Wendy Davis (a.k.a. Abortion Barbie) is trying to be elected to Governess of Texas.  She’ll lose, and she knows it looks right now like she’ll lose so she’s trying to appeal to the groups* she thinks she can get to vote for her.  She’s got the single-issue abortion-freedom and electawomantoeverything groups locked up.  She tried gun folks and that didn’t go so well.  She damn well CAN’T go for SAH moms with her background.  Several weeks ago, she had a press conference decrying the evils of Pay Inequality.  The crowd was shamelessly sycophantic.  It went something like this:

(cheers from the crows)
(cheers from the crowd)

etc.  One reporter actually did some journalism though.  Having noticed beforehand that Ms. Davis also pays her woman and brown people employees less money, the reporter confronted her about it.  Davis said, entirely honestly, that different pay levels had not so much to do with sex as with experience and ability in the workplace.

A few days ago, President Obama was speechifying about the horrors of Pay Inequality as well.  Someone asked ‘okay then how come the women in your White House make less than the men, and the brown people even less still?’  The President of the Frikken United States Gubmint responded that it’s not so much about the sexism as that the people in his adminstration make what they are worth based on experience & ability.

But you see, some OTHER people might be paying women less because of Sexism.  We need to Look Into This!  And the only reason we didn’t get to it before an election year is . . . .


*groups.  Democrats tend to make their pitches to/for groups.  Conservatives want to get out of the way so *individuals* can excel on their own.

Is This Even Legal? Who Cares, It’s US Doing It!

If I went to your state government and got your personally identifiable information, filled out an application for health insurance for you and sent it to the insurance people, and told you that you should go to their website and finish the application, it would be creepy. It may even be an illegal, fraudulent creepy thing to do.

But if your federal government did it for you*, it’s . . . helpful? Legal? Who knows? Well, they did. So if you didn’t want to put all of your personal information on the obamacare website because it is totally lacking in data security, you may have cause to worry if you got one of these letters.

Then again, you may have cause to worry anyway because the credit reporting agency Experian may have been leaking your ID online too!


Anonymous sources in the White House provided the news item that 7 million people had signed up on the obamacare website by the deadline.  The press had a Victory Lap party for the Obama administration, which was very happy to point out that they had met their goal by their deadline.  *This is somehow supposed to be a huge win for the Obama.  300 million were supposed to have signed up.  YOU were supposed to have signed up.  Nobody signed up.  And they’re spiking the football at the White House?

The 7 million is an unverifiable number.  There are no statistics available, and you know why?  Because the website you are supposed to have given all your personal information to already is not finished.  The website you are supposed to use to buy insurance doesn’t have the software for actually BUYING insurance written yet.  It isn’t keeping track of anything.  So the 7 Million Signups!!1! number is pulled straight out of someone’s ass.  OR they created the extra few million they needed to reach 7 million by starting the application process for you and asking you to ‘verify and complete’ it on the website.

Way to go, Obama administration.  You stay competent.


links found at Instapundit