Is This Even Legal? Who Cares, It’s US Doing It!

If I went to your state government and got your personally identifiable information, filled out an application for health insurance for you and sent it to the insurance people, and told you that you should go to their website and finish the application, it would be creepy. It may even be an illegal, fraudulent creepy thing to do.

But if your federal government did it for you*, it’s . . . helpful? Legal? Who knows? Well, they did. So if you didn’t want to put all of your personal information on the obamacare website because it is totally lacking in data security, you may have cause to worry if you got one of these letters.

Then again, you may have cause to worry anyway because the credit reporting agency Experian may have been leaking your ID online too!


Anonymous sources in the White House provided the news item that 7 million people had signed up on the obamacare website by the deadline.  The press had a Victory Lap party for the Obama administration, which was very happy to point out that they had met their goal by their deadline.  *This is somehow supposed to be a huge win for the Obama.  300 million were supposed to have signed up.  YOU were supposed to have signed up.  Nobody signed up.  And they’re spiking the football at the White House?

The 7 million is an unverifiable number.  There are no statistics available, and you know why?  Because the website you are supposed to have given all your personal information to already is not finished.  The website you are supposed to use to buy insurance doesn’t have the software for actually BUYING insurance written yet.  It isn’t keeping track of anything.  So the 7 Million Signups!!1! number is pulled straight out of someone’s ass.  OR they created the extra few million they needed to reach 7 million by starting the application process for you and asking you to ‘verify and complete’ it on the website.

Way to go, Obama administration.  You stay competent.


links found at Instapundit



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