It’s Not Sexism When WE Do It!

The Democrats have been stirring the media up to talk about Equal Pay for Wymyn! and Minorities!  The AMERICA is bad because (insert statistic from decades ago).  Then something funny happened and I just realized it’s typical of them.

Wendy Davis (a.k.a. Abortion Barbie) is trying to be elected to Governess of Texas.  She’ll lose, and she knows it looks right now like she’ll lose so she’s trying to appeal to the groups* she thinks she can get to vote for her.  She’s got the single-issue abortion-freedom and electawomantoeverything groups locked up.  She tried gun folks and that didn’t go so well.  She damn well CAN’T go for SAH moms with her background.  Several weeks ago, she had a press conference decrying the evils of Pay Inequality.  The crowd was shamelessly sycophantic.  It went something like this:

(cheers from the crows)
(cheers from the crowd)

etc.  One reporter actually did some journalism though.  Having noticed beforehand that Ms. Davis also pays her woman and brown people employees less money, the reporter confronted her about it.  Davis said, entirely honestly, that different pay levels had not so much to do with sex as with experience and ability in the workplace.

A few days ago, President Obama was speechifying about the horrors of Pay Inequality as well.  Someone asked ‘okay then how come the women in your White House make less than the men, and the brown people even less still?’  The President of the Frikken United States Gubmint responded that it’s not so much about the sexism as that the people in his adminstration make what they are worth based on experience & ability.

But you see, some OTHER people might be paying women less because of Sexism.  We need to Look Into This!  And the only reason we didn’t get to it before an election year is . . . .


*groups.  Democrats tend to make their pitches to/for groups.  Conservatives want to get out of the way so *individuals* can excel on their own.


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