Don’t Tread On Me

When the feds come steal a man’s cattle by the hundreds for allegedly not paying a fee the man may or may not owe, to ranch on land his family has used since before the agency asserting the fee is owed came into existence, it causes hurt feelings*.  If a Democrat US Senator is tangled up in a commercial development scheme on the same land and the rancher is the only one standing between the Senator and his profits, and the Republican local government is saying the federal agency is going too far, it doesn’t look good.  This was enough to shake a few citizens awake, and a few hundred armed citizens showed up in support of the rancher.  It looked like there was either going to be a slaughter on one or both sides, or a big bunch of arrests and a big(ger) black eye for the feds, including Senator Reid.

That’s the spirit behind this flag right here:or else

It seems for the moment that the feds have got the message, and the Bundy ranch is going to be left alone under some negotiated agreement.  Until further developments, I’m going to say “Good.”  I’ll also point out that, without the people’s exercise of their right to keep and bear arms, this rancher would have been forced off his land, his cattle stolen by his government, and the family of a powerful politician would have been enriched in a deal that would have never been reported in the national press.  A few decades later there would have been a judgement from a court selected by the feds and the guy would be Officially denied his land, and you still wouldn’t know.  With an armed populace willing to stick up for itself . . . the feds have been dragged into the light as crooked and (for now) appear to be backing down from their corrupt actions.

Hat tip: Instapundit


*yes, the sentence is longer than it has to be.  Flex your brain and read it again.  Trust me, it makes sense.


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