There Was A Time

At one point, it served vital US national security interests to be in the business of sending things into outer space.  It was part of our strategy of showing those dirty commie basterds we could nuke them from orbit if we had to.  They tried showing us they could as well, and they bankrupted themselves*

Then there followed a few decades of certain kinds of people wondering why we were spending a gozillion dollars to send private cargo into space.  Sure, sure, we needed to send our spy satellites up too, but WHY were we in the space BUSINESS anymore?  Then the answer came; we’re not.  NASA was converted to be more of a muslim outreach organization and we stopped sending up orbiters as old as the astronauts flying in them.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth about how there was no existing space program anymore and oh what’ll we ever do now that Government isn’t sending stuff into space?  The quiet guys in the corner said we’d see private industry take up the space shipping business.  As it turns out, that has happened.

Fast forward, and we’re in the proper position of having private companies haul stuff into space for NASA to enable continued scientific research on the International Space Station.  This.  This is how we should do it.  At a cost of significantly fewer gozillions of tax dollars, I might add!

*That’s the Cliff’s Notes version.  Take it up with Cliff if you don’t like it!


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