Good News From Around The World

Ace of Spades informs us that the real estate bubble in China is collapsing.  This was the only thing supporting the Chinese economy, and China’s been holding up a lot of the rest of us.  So that should end well.

In Ukraine, separatists are happily taking up the Russian flag when they seize Ukranian state buildings and military equipment.  This is not helping the rest of the world to tell the difference between an oncoming civil war and a Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Oh, plus possibly World War Three starts over this little flapdoodle.

But not to worry!  At least you can rest assured that your own USAmerican tax dollars are being well-spent.  For example, you are paying for a $400,000 statue.  Of a Camel.  In Pakistan.  Enjoy:

picture from Mish’s blog


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