History Is What Happens Around You

The Enlightened Warriors project has been staging amateur MMA fights in Central Texas, making history as they go.  Recently they were the first to use Ring Boys during their fights.  This Friday, they were the first to have an all-female panel of fight judges.*

Enlightened Warriors project makes history . . . again
History looks like . . . regular people?

I’ve been around a few history-making ‘firsts’ in my time and there is a common thread through all of them so far: the people involved were . . . just folks.  These three ladies didn’t make a big fuss.  Nael Chavez announced them, but only once.  And if you talk to them, they don’t have big heads, they’re just regular people.  Making history one day at a time.

You’re a regular people, too, aren’t you?  Can you make a difference for good in the world?

Will you?


*Okay, to be precise – Combative Sports Ringside Officials, licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation


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