Because We Already Fixed Everything Else?

Patrick is going to be the next Lt. Governor in Texas.  Dewhurst is widely hated for being himself in the state house, and Patrick is a likeable unknown who says lots of the right things.  Sensing his imminent defeat, Dewhurst is spewing as much venom as he can find.  As I predicted.

To recap the attempted attacks against Patrick I’ve heard in the last week on local radio:

  • He left his creditors hanging, stiffed them with a zillion-dollar loss!
    • (which, when you can’t repay your debts, is what bankruptcy has been for since before people spoke English here)
  • He changed his NAME!!1!  He’s trying to HIDE SOMETHING!!!1
    • (he changed his name before going into politics and his life is an open book)
    • (he was drafted, reported for duty, and was rejected due to disability from old injuries)

The Devil knows he will end in the lake of fire and is trying to do as much damage as he can before he finally loses.  Likewise, Dewhurst is slinging as much mud as he thinks he can, going well beyond the standard of decency in the process, as he loses his last race for Lt. Governor.  It’s enough to make me want to vote AGAINST Dewhurst just for the shit-on-the-other-guy campaign he’s trying to run!

Re: the title of this post: if Dewhurst really was the man for the job, he’d be on the front page for his ideas on how he’s going to fix everything that’s broken in Texas.  What does this attempted smear campaign say about his ideas for what to do for our great State?


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