May 10, 2014 Travis County Joint Election Voter Guide, Pflugerville Edition

Two issues, and both pretty big ones, are going to be decided by shamefully few of us who live here.  This is how I wish we would vote:

The school bond package:
Generally, I am against bonds for all the school stuff.  How about we *don’t* charge up the credit card for stuff we arguably don’t need (yet).  Specifically I am AGAINST this quarter-billion dollar bond package for Pflugerville ISD.  You know who needs a new football stadium?  Not us.  I expect to lose on this one because football is one of the local gods and they sacrifice LOTS of money to it around here.

Travis County Emergency Services District No. 2 Proposition 1:
Shockingly I am going to vote myself a tax increase but there is reason in my madness.  Basically they want to double local sales taxes to fund firemen being trained to provide medical care.  MOST of our firemen-pls-help 911 calls are medical emergencies and they have to sit on their thumbs and wait for ambulances because we don’t have money to train a proper set of fireman/EMT types to stick on fire trucks.  The alternative to voting to give the firemen this tax money is to leave it on the table for a future election where the Community Development Corporation will surely try to take it, and blow all our tax dollars on luring other people into town in some amorphous future so they will give town more tax dollars.  I’d rather spend the money on something we can actually use.  You may guess that the slick ad campaign against this tax is funded by local business interests.  Growth is coming to Pflugerville whether or not we advertise and promote the city, like it or not – and we’ll need the ESD’s EMT services when it gets here.

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