The Very Best of Hands

Do you remember when it used to be a thing, that the US media would decry the evils of no-bid contracts issued by the federal government?  You know, like 6 years ago under a non-D president?

So ‘we’ issued a no-bid contract to an American company to launch our [deleted] into outer space (after we turned our space agency into a muslim outreach organization (no, really)).  There’s a guy here (Elon Musk) who makes badass rockets and is not a dirty commie.  He wanted to bid on the contract to send our [deleted] into space on his rockets.  He sued us over it.

Then the Ukraine blew up.  We started a pissing contest with the commies over it.  They just remembered whose car we’re riding to the space station and told us to try using trampolines instead of the Russian rockets we had been using.  Because they’re not selling us any more rockets, hahaha.  Yes, they said trampoline.

You will please excuse me for feeling amused at the Obama administration’s being hoist by its own pitard.





Leftists trying to be cute.



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