Barefoot Running, Because I Looked It Up

One of the FOGs at work was going to play at recess break time, kicking a ball on the front lawn with the guys, and wanted to know how to keep her white shoes clean.  I told her not to wear white shoes to kick the ball around on dirt.  She said she wished she could go barefoot.  I told her she could, if she didn’t mind her feet looking like the pad in a horse’s hoof.  She doesn’t like the idea.

Then I got distracted during break and did a little looking-up.  To summarize: running barefoot with a mid- or forefoot strike with the foot under the body and leg slightly bent, is the way to go.  It is mechanically superior (because it is the design function!) and you can get wicked-fast running like this, plus you can reduce the incidence of runner’s injuries.


If you are currently wearing typical thick-heeled running shoes and using a heelstrike, you will break your foot if you go out in some VFFs or barefoot and start pounding out a forefoot strike right away.  You have to learn to run again.  Believe it or not, running is a skill – which requires training to do well.

Some links, if you are interested:
What happens to our foot when we wear traditional running shoes?
Minimalist Shoes And Injuries: Keys To Diagnosis And Patient Education
check out what our feet SHOULD look like: Vibram Five Fingers Shoes: The Barefoot Alternative
Barefoot Running: The Science Behind the Fad
And there’s these (not an endorsement, just a notation of existence)

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