I See What You Did There

After a brief bit of wikiwandering, I ended up at Aristotle discussing the fallacy now known as “begging the question.”  I was minding my own business polishing my brains and then I tripped over a major reason our country is going down the toilet:  Little children are not reading Aristotle.

That is to say, our children are not being trained in rigorous logical thought, and this enables bad arguments based on fallacious reasoning to prevail – not only in private conversation but also in public discourse and (very unfortunately) in the making of public policy!  I know old dead white men are horribly out of fashion, and so is commentary on what they had to teach us . . . but it is a sad day for me, personally, when reading

“In short, a successful resolution of such a fallacy requires a firm grasp of the correct explanatory powers of things. Without a knowledge of which things are self-explanatory and which are not, the reasoner is liable to find a question-begging argument persuasive.”

. . . makes me realize how the current holder of the most powerful position in the world was able to get his job.

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