Re: the Bergdahl Prisoner of War Swap

I was asked what I think of this affair.  I thought the response was pithy enough to post here as an Official Opinion for you to consider:


I think the President knowingly* skirted the law, to trade a deserter (and possibly traitor) who needs to a court martial and possibly hanged, for five extremely-dangerous high-level terrorists, knowing* that they would be headed straight back into the war on modern civilization.

*knowing, of course, requires competence at his job. It is still hard to tell if he is a huge anti-american-exceptionalism lefty, humongously incompetent at running the country well, or merely evil. I’m hoping for incompetence at this point, but :headshake:


If he DID know this is what he was doing, it’s a treasonous and impeachable offense – that would never see a conviction in this Senate, even if the House were to impeach him.


There is the possibility that he did this to further his narrative that the war in Afghanistan is over.  If so, that tends to indicate Incompetence.  He could also have done it to distract you from the VA and IRS scandals currently* blowing up, which sounds low indeed even for a politician – but remember, Clinton started a war to distract you from his lying to Congress.  Speaking of Clinton, it is also possible that this is a way to make Mrs. Clinton look less-terrible than President Obama just before the upcoming elections, but I somehow doubt Obama would cooperate with them in that to such an extent.

* The VA: it’s looking increasingly like the corruption is present “in root and branch” and I hope it ends up with vets getting an insurance card to go to any ol’ civilian medical care place.  The IRS: it was just ruled in court that a particular plaintiff had a case because they were TOLD they were being hassled for having the wrong viewpoints.  This may be applicable to other cases – and there are possibly LOTS of other cases.


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