Everything Went Better Than Expected!

Today I found out I paid the mortgage out of the wrong checkbook* a couple hours after I found out I left the gate open last night** and the rat-dog got out and ran off, never to be seen again.  VFDDawgs #1 and #2 don’t stray far but this one came to us as a stray.

I made up some missing dog flyers and took off on my bicycle after work to post them.  I put up one by the mail boxes, and saw a group of sixoreight boys playing in the street.  On a hunch (a.k.a. Thanks Jesus!) I turned down toward them and flashed the flyer.  I asked if they had seen a dog, and the crowd suddenly went wild.  Yes, they had seen him!  Yes, oh yes, they HAVE him!  He’s right here!  The dog was inside a nearby home, and Dad with a Serious Beard brought him out.  And then it turns out the mortgage was still not beyond the Late Fee Frowny Face late payment date, so win.

Thanks Jesus!


*Yes, checkbook.  Then we put them in envelopes and use stamps.  And nobody haxorz our online checking account through the snail-mail!

**I was outside last night with the 3/8″ roto-rooter cleaning out the kitchen sink drain again.  At least this time I had a cleanout fitting on an exterior wall instead of having to crawl under the sink.  I went out the side gate from the back yard to check the pipes in the front yard and heard a noise.  It turned out to be a ‘possum in the shrubbery by the house.  I had a .380 with me but a) it would wake up the sleepers in the room on the other side of the wall right there and b) it’s short, and demon-rats are sometimes bitey and c) It’s loud.  I took the short path through the house to get a pellet rifle and forgot to go back and shut the gate.  Oh well.  The opossum amusingly sniffed at the muzzle of the pellet rifle just before I blew its brains out all over the inside of the shrubbery.  That, at least, was easy.


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