Need to Act Fast? Better Hold Some Meetings!

In Star Wars, the Senate resolved to send a commission to study the alleged military takeover of a planet.  Now, IRL, President Obama will consult closely with Congress when deciding what to do about the militant islamist re-conquest of Iraq.

 Your sons bled and died on the Iraqi sand, and we’re pissing on our feet waiting to see what public opinion polls say ought to be done as the country is lost again, to the same people who killed them.  Bold, bold leadership.  Does anyone recall when was a thing?  Well, here’s a gutsy call for you: let’s tell the Iraqis they need to reform their own government before we’re willing to step in and help.  Oh, wait, that’s what our fearless leader has done.

Good thing we did that whole “declare peace and go home” thing, eh?  I’m sorry, but I totally called this.  Is it that I’m smart enough to not want to run for high office, or is it that the people too dumb to realize it sucks to run a country are also too dumb to see that 1+1 will end up 2?

There are reports of Iraqi policemen beheaded alongside the roads.  The mujihadin currently taking over Iraq are the kind who cut your head off for being an infidel.  Good muslims*, according to their own religion.  The bad kind.  Instead of sending drones to strike the column approaching Baghdad, we’re Consulting Closely with Congress on this Very Important Matter!

 Way to be gutsy, Mr. President.


*If you have a strong stomach and time for a thousand pages, go ahead and download this .pdf e-book.


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