What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

You remember the bad old days when backups and data storage were YOUR responsibility?  You know, when you had* a second hard drive online for backup AND a physically disconnected, powered-down, totally offline THIRD drive for periodic backups?  You remember when they said ‘oh let’s just throw all this [deleted] on the cloud and call it a job?

You might want to reconsider whether that was a good job.  Code Spaces Hosting was DDOS attacked and then suffered loss of data.  A lot of data.  As in, almost ALL the data they hosted for all their customers – and the backups.  CSH have closed down the business.  Everyone who was depending on their cloud based services is now completely S.O.L. if they don’t have an alternative solution already in place.

*my solution: an external hard drive that gets a fresh image pulled from each computer every so often.  It’s not up-to-the-minute current, but it beats hell out of losing all my data to a hacker.

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