Special F*cking People

I went to Little Ceasars to grab some pizza for “nobody wants to cook” night, and when I came out there was a car parked on a red curb.  For the uninitiated, this is illegal and dangerous, as well as a pain in the butt to drive around, so it is generally agreed to be a thing only jerks do.

Why look, here’s one now!  They’re fooling around on the phone.  I blew out  the rest of the picture so you could see them more clearly in the second picture.  If you know this person, feel free to tell them they suck at parking.



I was parked in the first spot in the row of cars on the other side of the jerk in the following picture. There were a couple of empty spots behind me (in front of these jokers) as well as in a parking lot immediately adjacent to this one. They CHOSE to park on the fire lane, so they could deal with their facebook or text or whatever was so all-fire important. I backed out of the parking lot, and backed into the entrance of the next lot over to shoot an overall pic.


They were standing in the exit lane of the L.C. drive through.  The car behind them, trying to exit the drive through, was apparently piloted by a Gamma also and the confusion of the person behind was apparent as they tried to figure out how to drive around a parked car.


Here’s their license plate, if you are interested.

Having sat still long enough for me to buckle up, start my car, get out my camera, check the settings, shoot a picture, back out of my spot, take another picture, back farther into the next lot, and take another picture, they finally realized they were being photographed and started off after me.  They honked as we approached the parking lot exit.  I ignored them and took off.*


*when you suspect you are being followed by persons of unknown intent, first try to drive away from them at normal (legal) speed.  Make at least four turns around a random block, to make a full circle.  Make a circle around the parking lot if you’re at a big store.  There’s no reason for anyone to follow you in a circle.  Do it again.  If they are still behind you, head for the nearest police station if you know where it is and call 911 and report yourself being followed.  Unless you know what you are doing, you aren’t likely to outrun anyone if they know what they are doing –  but if it comes right down to it, try anyway.  Good luck!


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