VFDKitty is sick.  She has been jacking her jaw instead of closing it right away every time, and rubbing the side of her face and crying.  She’s lost another tooth, the upper canine on the same side as the first one she lost, and the jaw is swollen.  I was going to give her a couple of weeks to see if “it” got better, but then today she had a ribbon of drool coming out her mouth and she’s walking crooked.  These are signs that a cat is in severe pain, and I don’t have anything I can give a cat for pain that wouldn’t put her out of her misery for good.*  So off to the vet she goes tomorrow. Apparently these days a checkup with xrays and a dental cleaning *start* at just under $300.

Feel free to pray for her.

And my wallet.  If she has something worse than a bad tooth, I don’t have $$$$ for fixing a “just a cat” and she’ll be riding the lightning soon.


*an otherwise healthy cat can tolerate about 20mg of aspirin every 3ish days, but you want to give it a couple of WEEKS before giving a different drug (like Metacam).  They’re not just picky eaters, they’re picky drug metabolizers.  I’d hate to give the silly thing something for pain that ends up a fatal combination with something the vet has to give.  What a bummer.


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