Tin Foil Hats Optional

Presented for your consideration: alleged evidence that the leftist agenda is set by the super-rich and played off as for-the-downtrodden-masses.  It’s no good summarizing just click here.

It is worth noting that this is a shining example of the political left doing what they accuse the right of doing.  As the saying goes, “A thief in every face a thief sees”, they accuse the conservatives of doing what they, the left, do as a matter of course.  Conspiracy to set the agenda and make it look like grass roots?  Check.  Huge rich donors supporting leaders of the radical cause?  Check.  Richass rich people not giving their zillions to the poor while claiming to want to help the poor?  Check.  Et cet era.  Hat tip: Instapundit, again.


Here’s a hint for consumption of whatpasses as news these days: if it sounds like it’s wrong, it might be because a shadowy organization of leftists want the press to present it as truth.  Nobody you know believes it but it is presented as the majority opinion because They want it to be presented that way.  You are not the wacko.  They are.

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