Adventures in Used Car Ownership

My wife’s Suburban was low on coolant.  Low as in, below the cold full line on the overflow tank when the coolant was hot.  And it drips a out the tailpipe even after the truck is warmed up.

I noticed this today right before a day trip out of town.  I filled the reservoir to the hot full line and tossed the bottle of coolant and a bottle of Bar’s stop leak in the truck and off we went.  After it cooled down at our destination, it was down past the cold full line again. 😦 After inspecting the engine bay and even pulling the shroud between the condenser and radiator and finding no obvious leaks, I topped it off again and we went back home.

The choices were:

  1. Cracked cylinder (new engine time)
  2. Cracked cylinder head
  3. Broken head gasket
  4. Leaking radiator*
  5. Leaking water pump
  6. Leaking heater core
  7. Leaking hose
  8. Any or All the above
  9. Neglect and it was just low

She took off to a friend’s house and another hour of driving.  The friend’s husband had a look and said the thing was still full, and she got back too late to fool with it any more tonight.  Prayers and fingers crossed, but it appears to be #9 for the time being.  We’ll see!

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