Get a Truck with a V8 and Cut Off The Catalytic Converters!

From just the front page at Watts Up With That right now, we find the following science news stories which help explain why people can’t seem to be convinced we are causing global warming anymore:

Europe is cleaning up its air . . . leading to global warming! There is some consternation that the climate models don’t predict this.  The climate models which not only get the present wrong, they get it wrong in amusingly-wrong ways.  You see, the models don’t model everything, including this newly-discovered, bigger-than-mankind source of CO2: the dirt.  Not to worry, however, as the USAmerican government is still hot on the case, scaring you into believing the earth is drastically, suddenly! warming . . . until you consider their own data, in which case not so fast.  But the real reason for the tongue-in-cheek title of this post is that the recent study you didn’t hear reported the other day is confirmed by EPA documents: man-made sources are causing all of 3% of the recent increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  The rest is from the planet herself.


So, what to do?  If you are a socialist-at-heart “environmentalist” the answer is obvious: try to prevent people seeking their own individual success by taxing it ever more heavily, under the guise of preventing their contribution to that 3.75% of CO2 heating us up with the anthropogenic climate change/global warming.  Just wave your hand at the rest of that stuff the Deniers try to pass off as science and go full-green-speed ahead!


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