About That Nobel Peace Prize . . .

The Islamic State fighters are in Syria and Iraq, and have declared a Caliphate.  We are fighting them in Iraq but currently not in Syria.  In Iraq, we have the full cooperation of the national government.  We recently were giving weapons to the future IS fighters so they could topple the national government in Syria, until non-fools figured out to stop doing that.  We would rather not have the strongman running Syria running Syria.  We would like to not deal with him at all.  There are supposedly-serious people in high places in our government who want to agree with the Islamic State instead.

Hold on there.

What?  Yes, that is correct.  They want to agree with the Islamic State that the border between Syria and Iraq has been erased.  They want to take our air power into Syria and bomb the Islamic State fighters there.

What’s wrong with that, VFD?

They are proposing that the United States drop bombs on a foreign country with which we are not at war.  Do you know what it’s called when you drop bombs on a country with which you are at peace?  It’s called STARTING A WAR.

They are seriously proposing starting a war, so that we do not have to deal with a dictator to fight a common enemy.  This is the level of competence you people voted BACK  into the White House.


Top. Men.

You remember how President Obama et. al. were all unhappy about our spies recording Chancellor Merkel’s phone conversations?

Now it’s her turn.  German spies were recently found to also be recording leading political officials’ phone calls including Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Kerry.

All accidentally, of course.  No, there wouldn’t be any advantage to be gained by listening in on your allies.  This “surprise” reaction every time something comes out and catches the national leaders around the world off guard is a little disconcerting to me in a way . . .

. . . I would have rather liked to think that they KNEW we are all spying on each other all the time.

That’s Just A Coincidence!

#1 had a birthday coming up.  DW was excited and planning a big to-do involving a sleepover and a trip to a local amusement park for the whole party.

DW got sick in the guts and spent basically 2 weeks out of commission.  1 week to birthday.  Too short to plan it properly.  The party was pushed back a week.  #3 came down with bad guts.  DW started to doubt that we should have guests over at all, until we were all healthy.  #3 got better.  We held a small celebration of the birthday at home.

Party’s back on!.  Tell the friends, print invitations.  That night, #1 came into the parents’ bedroom at midnight looking pale and said she wouldn’t be able to go to school that day.  Sleeps on the bathroom floor but no cookie-tossing.  DW confesses her thought of canceling the party. I woke #1 who was feeling better after an hour or so and she went back to bed.  I told #1 the party would be off.  #1 goes to the Dr. and gets a clean bill of health, and was back to school the next day.

Still, half of the family had queasy stomachs.  I thought the entire party was called off but only the trip to the amusement park had been canceled.  Finally, DW told #1 the sleepover was called off as well.  Next day, everybody’s guts are just fine and DW has all her normal energy back for the first day since a week before she went to hospital.

We had been praying about this, some.  Seeking guidance what to do for the birthday party.  You can try to tell me God doesn’t still let his people know when he want things to (not) happen, and the timing of the stomach diseases was merely coincidental.

. . . and I won’t believe it for a second.

Still Alive!

Navelgazing post follows:

Holy cow what a few weeks this has been.  I know I haven’t been blogging once or more a day for a long time now, but this place has been a ghost town recently for good reason.

DW felt bad and tired for a couple of weeks, which meant tag-teaming me when I got home and disappearing to her bed for the rest of the day.  Then she spent nearly a week in hospital, recovered, and is back to at least 85% of normal, having mostly kicked her infected guts in the guts and got over it.

Then #3 came out of his room as normal one morning doing a very strange peepee dance, went into the head and vomited.  Four days later he was back in school.  Now he’s his regular self again like nothing happened.

All this time I’ve been either tending to the children or trying to get some work done on the side. And when I’ve been at work I’ve been telling the guys there how to solve all the world’s problems so I don’t have to tell you, here.

Nobody Could Have Imagined

Perhaps, nobody with the power to do anything about it has the imagination to think of it.  But some people are, in fact, imagining what can happen in a worst case scenario.  Read this and see if it is, in fact, too far-fetched for our enemy to carry out.  Remembering the while, our enemy is not afraid to strap a bomb on himself and blowem up.


Wifey is Sick :(

I am trying to get her seen by a doctor straight away but it’s government healthcare and the wheels turn slow.  She’s had tummy troubles and is super tired, and getting dehydrated.  Christians, please pray for her.


Thanks God, they usually don’t see walk-in patients quickly at this clinic, but the dorctor’s nurse may not have liked my questions about deteriorating condition over the phone.  She slipped DW into a triage room and poked her with a stick, then called the doctor.  He poked her with a stick and called the paramedics.  They poked her with a stick and took her to hospital.  They’ve been poking her with sticks since then, including fun with expensive imaging equipment.  She’s currently an admitted patient in a motorized bed in a private room, hopefully recovering in her sleep right now.

I’ve just got done wiping down the commonly-touched surfaces in the house with bleach water, and tomorrow my project is wiping down the rest of the house and laundering stuff a possibly-sick-with-a-norovirus lady touched or coughed on.  So, basically the whole house needs to be swimming in bleach.

Do you want to play clean house with me?

Update: Friday Night

They have put her on liquids vs. a nothing diet, and she says it’s helping.  Her fever is gone and other symptoms are going down . . . but she’s still there.

Update: Saturnday Night

She has been found to have been hostess to a host of C. Jejuni and the justincase antibiotics were switched to a more specific antibiotic regimen.  She has to go the full course with that, and a worrisome potassium level has to be back to normal before she can go home again.  Other symptoms continue to decrease, and most of the time she is back to her normal self again.  The sickness can range from 1 to 10 days and the doctor said 3 to 5 is normal range, so it is to be hoped she will be well enough to go home just any old day now.

Those of our church people who have been voluntarily watching (and feeding) our many children while I go visit my wife in hospital have been a tremendous blessing as well as a gentle SOHK lesson in humility.

Amusing anecdote: she had fever and chills for a while, and it is easy for me not to empathize with chills in a febrile patient.  The other day when she was not here, and therefore unable to grab me a towel, I got a dose of that too.  Our boys are three furnaces in a small room, so we keep the house pretty cool at night to let them sleep comfortably.  I couldn’t see my white towel on my stack of white pajamas on the almost-white restroom counter without my specs, so I took myself through the cold house, dripping wet, to get a fresh towel from the clothes dryer.  Shivering violently by the time I got back to the shower, I felt a lot worse for DW’s chills than I had when she was shivering for no good reason!

Update Sunday Night:

She’s home!  The fun joke is that her paperwork says she can return to full normal activities immediately.  Yeah, if by immediately you mean a couple more days of not doing much of anything but eat, sleep, and build strength back up.  She’s home anyway thank God.  Thanks to those who prayed also.  You can never know if God was going to let something be, or if he was going to intervene anyway . . . but I was reminded of the widow who got her way with the judge in the Bible “because of her importunity!”