Still Alive!

Navelgazing post follows:

Holy cow what a few weeks this has been.  I know I haven’t been blogging once or more a day for a long time now, but this place has been a ghost town recently for good reason.

DW felt bad and tired for a couple of weeks, which meant tag-teaming me when I got home and disappearing to her bed for the rest of the day.  Then she spent nearly a week in hospital, recovered, and is back to at least 85% of normal, having mostly kicked her infected guts in the guts and got over it.

Then #3 came out of his room as normal one morning doing a very strange peepee dance, went into the head and vomited.  Four days later he was back in school.  Now he’s his regular self again like nothing happened.

All this time I’ve been either tending to the children or trying to get some work done on the side. And when I’ve been at work I’ve been telling the guys there how to solve all the world’s problems so I don’t have to tell you, here.


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