That’s Just A Coincidence!

#1 had a birthday coming up.  DW was excited and planning a big to-do involving a sleepover and a trip to a local amusement park for the whole party.

DW got sick in the guts and spent basically 2 weeks out of commission.  1 week to birthday.  Too short to plan it properly.  The party was pushed back a week.  #3 came down with bad guts.  DW started to doubt that we should have guests over at all, until we were all healthy.  #3 got better.  We held a small celebration of the birthday at home.

Party’s back on!.  Tell the friends, print invitations.  That night, #1 came into the parents’ bedroom at midnight looking pale and said she wouldn’t be able to go to school that day.  Sleeps on the bathroom floor but no cookie-tossing.  DW confesses her thought of canceling the party. I woke #1 who was feeling better after an hour or so and she went back to bed.  I told #1 the party would be off.  #1 goes to the Dr. and gets a clean bill of health, and was back to school the next day.

Still, half of the family had queasy stomachs.  I thought the entire party was called off but only the trip to the amusement park had been canceled.  Finally, DW told #1 the sleepover was called off as well.  Next day, everybody’s guts are just fine and DW has all her normal energy back for the first day since a week before she went to hospital.

We had been praying about this, some.  Seeking guidance what to do for the birthday party.  You can try to tell me God doesn’t still let his people know when he want things to (not) happen, and the timing of the stomach diseases was merely coincidental.

. . . and I won’t believe it for a second.

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