About That Nobel Peace Prize . . .

The Islamic State fighters are in Syria and Iraq, and have declared a Caliphate.  We are fighting them in Iraq but currently not in Syria.  In Iraq, we have the full cooperation of the national government.  We recently were giving weapons to the future IS fighters so they could topple the national government in Syria, until non-fools figured out to stop doing that.  We would rather not have the strongman running Syria running Syria.  We would like to not deal with him at all.  There are supposedly-serious people in high places in our government who want to agree with the Islamic State instead.

Hold on there.

What?  Yes, that is correct.  They want to agree with the Islamic State that the border between Syria and Iraq has been erased.  They want to take our air power into Syria and bomb the Islamic State fighters there.

What’s wrong with that, VFD?

They are proposing that the United States drop bombs on a foreign country with which we are not at war.  Do you know what it’s called when you drop bombs on a country with which you are at peace?  It’s called STARTING A WAR.

They are seriously proposing starting a war, so that we do not have to deal with a dictator to fight a common enemy.  This is the level of competence you people voted BACK  into the White House.



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