Worst-Case Scenario?

Saudi Arabia has banned travelers from ebola-infected countries during the Hajj.  So let’s say sumdood from Liberia decides it’s a religious obligation to go to Mecca and bygod he’s gonna.  He takes a side-trip through (e.g.) Germany before heading out to Saudi Arabia.  He goes on his Hajj and [deleted] the Police!

…as he’s walking around the Quibla, in an ocean of humanity from all over the world, he already feels like [deleted] but he has an obligation so he’s being faithful.  And then it’s too much.  He was already dripping infectious sweat on the ground where people are kneeling to pray.  He was already shaking hands with his fellow Religion of Peacers.  And then he suddenly turns his head and BLAAARGH ralphs all over the three people next to him.  Possible reactions range from polite sorrow to a stampede through ebolavomit.  Then those poeple get the hell outta Dodge City and back to their home cities all over the world.  Infected.

 So . . . tell me again why anyone should be allowing flights out of Liberia etc. to ANYWHERE in the world excluding relief workers?.


The answer is “political correctness” as I already know.  I still prefer the Accidental theory of current events to the Conspiracy theory, but these days it’s a bit harder than usual to stick to my preference in this!


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