Bush Lied, People Died!

. . . now let’s tell the truth so more people can die!

The press is on to soften you up for a ground war against the Islamic State.  Today’s news is:

You remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction that DID NOT BYGOD EVER EXIST in Iraq that George DUBYA Bush LIED about to get us into war?

The ones that IS fighters found in an abandoned depot in Iraq recently?
The chemical weapons that IS fighters are now using on their co-religionists for not waging jihad alongside them?
The ones that we didn’t have to deal with (because they didn’t exist, natch) so it was safe to 100% fulfil campaign promises and get all the way out of Iraq?

Yeah we lied about that.  Or at least didn’t tell you that we’ve been finding more and more chemical WMD all the time, even as late as 2011.  So now the enemy is the worst of the worstest, using chemical weapons* in war and we have to commit to a new righteous ground war against them in Syria!  Nevermind that whole business about invading Syria without their permission, that’s just a political nicety when you’re the world’s policeman.  No, we HAVE to go in with a ground war now.  And by “now” I specifically mean “after at least this election, but preferably after the next Presidential election so it will be the bad-ol’ Republican president’s fault.  And thanks for not pointing out at that future wartime that if the Democrat base had allowed the Democrat President to keep a US military force in Iraq to train the Iraqui army, ISIS would never have become a problem in the first place.

*because chemical weapons kill you deader than plain bombs, they are worse or something. :shrug:


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