Borders Matter. Proper Identity Documents Matter. Motor Voter Sucks.

Why do we have President Obama, and his new Socialist healthcare system?  Possibly, because people from other countries vote in our elections.  So.  Nevermind the recent study that shows when elections are within 1% the democrats almost always win.  Never mind that voter ID documents are free from the State.  Nevermind that we have actually found evidence of ALIENS voting in our elections.   No no no, voter ID laws are racist.

Motor voter: get a drivers license and register to vote.  So the “Progressives” want aliens to be able to get a license.
Balloting by mail: no ID required.
Early voting and voting at ANY polling place near you: breeds confusion and leads to difficulty verifying who voted (and how many times).  Fraud here especially is evident

But the “progressives” love all these things.  Ask yourself, “Why?”

h/t: Instapundit


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