Stem Cell Therapy Success. Both Kinds.

Veeeeery inneressing news.

Last week or so, NPR was playing a bit about how patients were not only having good safety results, they were having macular degeneration reversed and recovering from profound blindness caused by the disease.  The method: stem cell implantation.  Stem cells from murdered children, cultured in the lab for the benefit of people fortunate enough to have been born.  This was heralded as the first time we’ve had a successful medical therapy using babymurder exploitation stem cells.

I thought at the time, it would surely suck – but I would rather be blind than to have my sight restored by cells made from babies killed for the purpose.

Now comes word from the other side of the world.  A patient in Japan has had macular degeneration reversed and sight restored.  The method: stem cell implantation.  Stem cells grown from the patient’s own tissue!  This is but one more in a growing list of therapies that have been successful using “adult” stem cells.  Contrast “many already” to “finally, one” and tell me which of the two types of stem cells it makes more sense to study in attempts to find new therapies.

And will somebody tell me again, how it is worth killing innocent people to conduct for-profit research into therapies that benefit the already-born?


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