Nothing To See Here!

  • The H1-B Visa lasts 6 years, with an optional 3-year renewal.
  • A year’s worth of data storage of ALL the H1-B visas is a gibabyte or less.
  • The H1-B data in government computers is very valuable for research purposes


:blink:  :blink:

The “most open, most transparent administration EVAR” is going to delete valuable records on current visa holders before the visas expire*.  Because reasons.  Hand waving and shaking of heads, and there you go.  There’s nothing untoward here, and CERTAINLY no shenanigans about which you should be concerned.

Top. Men.


*One would hope that the not-entirely-clear article is talking about deleting data 5 years after the visas expire.  One ought not to get one’s hopes up too high.  As I was telling the Zoo just this morning, the Dunning-Kruger effect is why it’s hard to tell if the people running the country are just bad at running the country, or just bad.

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