President Obama Cares the MOST!!!

…and just as soon as he learns on the news what he would have learned about at regularly scheduled briefings (had he deigned to attend said briefings) he gets really, really VISIBLY disturbed.  For like five minutes in front of the camera, then goes and plays some more golf*.

  • We had a Marine in jail in Mexico which is nothing really new
  • He has PTSD which is nothing new as well
  • He was in jail for driving around in Mexico with guns in his truck which is a huge no-no down there
  • But it was a legitimate ACCIDENT and there was no criminal intent on his part.

President Obama, the Boss of this Marine, has been content to let him rot down there and to say not word number one to Mexico about it.  It took the efforts of a retired politician to convince a Judge in Mexico to release our Marine on humanitarian grounds.  Kudos to Governor Richardson for leading the way, Congratulations and “Welcome Home!” to Sergeant Tahmooressi, and a big [deleted] you to President Obama for sucking a big fat one on this issue.

For shame, Mister President.

*200 rounds of golf, President B.H. Obama has played so far and he’s got 2 more years to go.  For the newbies and those who forgot: President G.W. Bush STOPPED playing golf when the democrats criticized him for taking play time on a for-the-rich sport during a hard time for the country . . . but I digress.


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